The Scientist Rebellion

Peter Kalmus and three other scientist handcuffed to start a rebellion

Peter Kalmus and three other scientist handcuffed to start a rebellion

What exactly happened on April 6, 2022?

“We’re going to lose everything, and we’re not joking, we’re not lying, we’re not exaggerating.” These were the exact words that NASA climate scientist, Peter Kalmus said in his speech on April 6, 2022. Dr. Kalmus and three others handcuffed themselves to a J.P Morgan Bank. While handcuffed, Dr. Kalmus gave a heartbreaking speech informing and warning people that our earth is dying and we’re running out of time. “We’ve been trying to warn you guys for so many decades that we’re heading towards a freaking catastrophe, and we’ve been ignored.” Dr. Kalmus broke down with anger and tears. “The scientists in the world are being ignored, and it’s got to stop.” Throughout the speech, Dr. Kalmus is seen as stressed, worried, and upset. According to scientists, we have until 2025, time is running out, and we have to act now before it’s too late.

SGN :: Scientists arrested for climate activismAs if things couldn’t have gotten worse, police officers arrived on the scene. Peter Kalmus and the other scientist refused to leave and uncuff themselves to the premises police had no choice but to take action. Dr. Kalmus later took to Twitter to inform his followers that he and the three other scientists who participated had gotten arrested.

What’s happening now?

Scientists arrested for peaceful climate protests around the world say "climate revolution now" |
Red paint was used as fake blood for protesting

Since the arrest of Peter Kalmus and the three other scientist the rebellion hasn’t stopped but instead has grown. More than 1,000 scientists have started protesting; they’ve all stated they share the same fear and agree with Dr. Kalmus. Just here in Washington D.C., citizens chained themselves to the White House fence to show a sign of rebellion. While in Germany, protestors glued themselves to a bridge. In Spain, scientists threw fake blood over the façade of the National Congress. Panamanian scientists staged a demonstration at various embassies. More than 25 countries have set up organized direct acts to tell the world we need to take serious action now.

Scientists Risk Arrest to Demand Climate Action - Scientific American

What Can we do Now to Help?

Many people believe there’s no point in trying now, that time’s up, and to accept our faiths now, but it’s not the end yet. Our earth needs to continue to live and stay well for the future of others and the next generations coming up.

Reduce Water Supply Usage

We can start by conversing water supply. Instead of leaving the sink on while brushing your teeth, turn it off, it might seem like it’s doing nothing, but you’re actually saving water supply.

Stay Off the Road for a Bit

Did you know just by staying off the road for two days you’ll actually be reducing a huge amount of greenhouse gas? Walking and biking are major ways to help reduce greenhouse gases, it’ll also help as exercise, and so it’s not just a benefit for the world but also yourself. It’s also good to carpool with friends most time or take public transport.

Always Try Recycling

Everyone knows one way to help the earth is by recycling. It makes a huge difference many people don’t realize. Try recycling old newspapers you have around the house, always try fixing broke products before replacing them, and make sure to have recycling bins around the house. Make sure you know what can and cannot be recycled. Try buying recyclable products, and instead of throwing away something you don’t like, try donating instead.

Plant a Tree

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Mr. Beast and his crew helped plant 20 million trees

Have you ever thought of planting a tree? As crazy as that sounds, it’s a good way to help the earth reduce carbon emissions, especially since most countries aren’t doing nothing about it. Trees remove any junk in the air to protect us, but deforestation has become a big issue lately. Did you know a while back Mr. Beast planted over 20 million trees to help the earth? If Mr. Beast can plant 20 million trees, you can plant at least one tree for the world.

Plastic must be Recycled

Quit using plastic. Every day plastic is being used by humans and only about 9% of the plastic being used gets recycled. What happens with the rest of that percentage? Most of it ends up in landfills, but because of how light plastic is it gets blown into the sea. Plastic is known as a danger to animal life. Every year thousands of animals find themselves tangled in plastic and die from this cause. Plastic ruins their home and dangers them. It’s one of the earth’s pollution issues that seem to increase over the years. We either have to stop the usage of plastic or start recycling plastic.