Ketanji Brown Jackson Approved for Supreme Court


Jackson while speaking at the supreme court confirmation hearings. Picture courtesy of Vox.

New Seat Open on the Supreme Court

With the retirement of Justice Stephen Breyer of the supreme court, someone new had to take his seat. President Joe Biden nominated Ketanji Jackson to be on the supreme court. She was present at judiciary and supreme court hearings from March 21-24, 2022. On April 7, 2022, over a month after the announcement of her nomination, Jackson won the vote from 53 for and 47 against. 3 of the votes were from republicans in the senate, despite her being part of the Democratic Party.

Jackson (right) with President Biden (left) who nominated her after Stephen Breyer left the supreme court. Picture courtesy of the White House on Twitter.
Retired justice Stephen Breyer (left) with Ketanji Jackson, his successor. Courtesy of Wikipedia.

Jackson’s Judicial History

Jackson will become the new associate justice on the supreme court. She will be sworn in later this year in October 2022. She is the first black woman in history to be nominated and to serve on the supreme court. Jackson previously served on the district court for DC under Barack Obama, Donald Trump, and Joe Biden. She left the role in June 2021, she was succeeded by Florence Pan. She graduated from Harvard in 1996, with a doctorate degree in law.

Jackson on the district court served from 2013-2021.  Courtesy of Creative Commons.

Supreme Court Hearings

During the supreme court hearings, Jackson had to prove her talents, relevance and wants if she were to be on the supreme court. She discussed her judicial philosophies and her life as a judge, and what advice she was to give to people who are judges in the future or to serve on some sort of court. She also discussed country debates/issues and her views on them, like; Abortion rights, gun rights, critical race theory, education concerns, crime rates, and the events currently going on in Ukraine.

Media Views

Jackson has received both praise and criticism for her previous history as a judge and for serving in the district court. She has received praise for her educational degree, comments, philosophies, and stands on political issues. Most of the criticism she has received was on her stance on crime, and the lack of nominees for these supreme court hearings. Some have stated that she is “soft” on some criminal cases, either giving the accused a lower or more fair sentence of their crime. These criticisms are mainly from some fellow politicians or other opposing members of the supreme court. Some are against this, stating that her high history of court cases and her stands on other crimes that she has a process for her judicial life and puts hours upon months of research and review of the case. Some might also have a personal problem with her stands on crime depending on the defendant if that individual believes they are innocent, guilty, deserves a bigger or lower sentence, etc.

Jackson during a live speech with President Biden. Courtesy of NBC News.


Some citizens in the United States have viewed Ketanji Jackson as an icon and inspiration for their own lives, citing her views on life, her legacy on the district court, and now being on the supreme court making history, and giving other people hope, inspiration, and pride to be themselves or not to be afraid to peruse a career. Many Americans wish the best of luck to Jackson and the future of the supreme court.

Senator Michael Bennett (left) meeting with Ketanji Jackson after the supreme court hearings, showing his support for her approval. Courtesy of Colorado Public Radio.