Indie Rock Star Mitski in D.C.

MItski the Rock Indie star

MItski the Rock Indie star

Mitski’s Growing career

On October 5, fans were excited to hear Mitski The Indie Rockstar was not only releasing a new song “Working for the Knife,” but also informed fans she was going on tour! It’s crazy that just 3 days after she released information about her tour, tickets had already sold out here in North America. Mitski took to Instagram to post her tour dates and where she’ll be performing. As if things couldn’t get better, around the beginning of November, Mitski released a new music video for her recent song “The Only Heartbreaker”. While posting about her new song released, she also informed fans about her new album released on February 4. As promised, “Laurel Hell,” Mitski’s album was released at the beginning of February and fans were obsessed.

Laurel Hell album 

Mitski - Laurel Hell | Album Review
Laurel Hell album cover

“Laurel Hell” is Mitski’s sixth album, her last album “Be the Cowboy” was released 4 years ago in 2018.  The album is about thirty-three minutes long and includes 11 songs. Featured on the album are “The Only Heartbreaker” and “Working for the Knife,” both are her most recent songs that include a music video.

Mitski’s 2022 tour info

Mitski performing on tour!

Mitski is well known as a soft heart, caring woman, even though her music is the opposite of her personality. To enter a Mitski concert, you must have a mask on or some kind of facial protection. You also need to have at least two of the COVID-19 vaccine shots and must bring in ID certification to prove you have your vaccine. It is obvious, Mitski takes well precautions against the virus. Mitski has already had to cancel many performances because her tour party has tested positive more than once for COVID. Although, Mitski has informed fans that the concerts that were canceled will be postponed. MICHELLE, an R&B band, was set to be the opening act for Mitski’s concert, but unfortunately had to cancel due to the fact that members of the tour tested positive for COVID-19.

Mitski’s performance last Saturday in Washington, D.C.

Luckily, I was able to catch a personal opinion from a friend who attended Mitski’s concert here in Washington, D.C. last Saturday.

Concert review: Mitski at the Anthem - The Washington Post
Mitski in Washington D.C.

“It was a good concert I liked it, I arrived late and felt panicked since I didn’t bring my COVID-19 vaccine ID, but I did have a picture of it… It was cold, although it was indoors the line outside was super long so I spent time waiting in the cold while wearing a skirt and I felt scared I’d enter late since the line was huge but right when I entered the concert began.” They continued to say, Mitski began the concert by performing with 2 of the most recent songs from her album, “Laurel Hell.” “She started with Love Me More and continued with Should Have been Me. I love that song. I can’t remember much, but she played new songs and old songs like; Me and My Husband, Once More to See you, you know the classic good ones everybody knows.” “Me and my Husband” is well known by Mitski fans ever since it began trending on the worldwide sensation app TikTok. The song used to be a trend around the time when quarantine was happening.

“I thought she was going to talk, take a break midway, and have a conversation with people, but she didn’t. At the beginning of the concert, she went to every section of the stage and bowed to the crowd. The concert was very quiet. Everyone was quiet, and nobody was on their phone. I was scared to use my phone; I couldn’t see her, but I’d try to use my phone as a way to see her. After every song, her security crew would offer water to the crowd. It was very nice.”