HBO Max Euphoria: Fashion Analysis


Euphoria is an HBO original hit show, breaking records, this show has been the most talked about since it’s release of season two early January. With more than 13.1 million viewers on the season two premiere, it’s safe to say Euphoria is a powerhouse.

Writer and Director Sam Levinson is known for his attention to detail, not leaving anything in without purpose. The fashion, the clothes, the hair, and the makeup all have deeper meanings than surface level. Here’s some of my personal takes, and the makeup artists and stylists themselves explaining to.


Rue played by Zendaya is the main protagonist of Euphoria, as she takes the lead of narration and the story revolves around her. She’s seen wearing makeup a total of two times through the entire series, being an addict it’s apparent she has nothing on her mind except that. This also shows in the way she dresses. She’s almost always in a big loose t-shirt that seems to have been in her closet forever, sweatpants or sweat shorts, and usually a khaki type of pant.

Her style is very simple but shows her personality. If she’s in a t-shirt, it’s usually of a band or movie she enjoys. Her iconic red zip up from season one was her late fathers. She wore this almost every episode. During season two this hoodie is not seen as often, or at all. This symbolizes her addiction getting worse. She begins to stop caring about anything unless it favors her addiction. Towards the ending you can notice her skin clearing up, and her wearing more and new articles of clothing.


Maddy Perez is a leading character, being known for her sparkled eye looks and matching two pieces outfits, the media loves Maddy. Maddy was introduced to us in season one and has been a fan favorite since. You can catch Maddy in a comfy two piece set if she’s relaxing or a custom designer outfit for her next party.

Season one Maddy and season two Maddy are similar yet different. This season she toned down the “glam”, you could say. She still continues to dress up no matter the occasion but it’s more casual and shows more of her character development. Her makeup has consisted of simple, yet colorful eye looks. To me, I feel this is due to her conflict with antagonist, Cassie. Their feud does not begin until later in season two.


Cassie Howard is taking the internet by storm by her messiness in season two. In season one she came in as Maddy’s innocent and sweet bestfriend. You could find her in a soft blue baby tee and her favorite denim with loose waves. She was a simple character and a simple girl, only to surface level. She was always struggling with herself internally, as she was dealing with her self esteem issues and dealing with the remains of her father leaving. She was always in baby blue and baby pink showing she’s a soft character.

Her makeup was rarely done and if it was it was concealer, lip-gloss, and mascara. Season two Cassie is a polar opposite to season one. As the season continued you could see the change as she began dressing as her former bestfriend Maddy. She pulled out matching body-con sets, kitten heels, long straight hair opposing to her wavy undone hair last season, and bold and heavy makeup. This plays with the storyline, if you’ve seen it you know she does this for please her new love interest, Nate.


Lexi Howard is Cassie’s sister and is seen thoroughly throughout season two. She was shown to us in season one being Rues childhood bestfriend. Rue only spoke to Lexi when it was beneficial to herself, other than that Rue completely discarded of her. Lexi is a side character but is adored by the media for being so relatable and so, as quoted from Twitter, “real”.

She’s your average high school girl, her outfits are simple, her makeup is simple, she is simple, but I think this is what makes Lexi, Lexi. In season one she was usually wearing a loose flowing skirt with a collared top, ballet flats, Mary Jane shoes, You could describe her style as “twee”. Twee is an internet phenomenon that could be defined as, “quaint”, “dainty”, and “delicate”.  This represents her shyness, she’s a hidden character, but she’s always observing. Her play in season two is a tell tale of this.


Katherine “Kat” Hernandez is Euphoria’s powerhouse feminist icon, as told by Twitter. Kat is first seen wearing nothing but loose mom jeans, a simple tee, sneakers, no makeup, hair undone, and her glasses. Kat could be seen as the “DUFF” of the group at the start of season one, but as the show went on, viewers could see she’s the complete opposite. Kat’s character development was praised heavily, especially by young teens who looked up to her. She discovered an alter ego and turned it into her reality.

As the season went on you could see she began wearing tight leather pants, spikey chokers, red, black, studded pieces, and her classic red lip. When season two released you could see her style drastically changed. This is to show that Kat is finding herself and her true style. I love this because this is how real teenagers are, honestly. She’s seen wearing mesh blouses with funky patterns, jewel tones, mid length skirts, fun dresses, accent jewelry pieces, etc. She’s finding herself and becoming her own person. Kat is not shown much in season two but the fans have not forgotten her.


Euphoria is a deep, dark, and heavy show but stylist Heidi Bivens made sure to add light to this show with her creativity. Makeup, hair and clothing are usually not the most important part of a show, and while it’s not Euphoria’s main focus, it is a key contender to making Euphoria what it is. The show has been renewed for a third season and we cannot wait. Who’s your favorite character?

Honorable mentions for fashion: Jules, Fez, and Gia.