Stay in the Know: Hylton’s Academic Teams!

Stay in the Know: Hyltons Academic Teams!

There are so many clubs at Hylton, yet Academic, Debate, and Mock Trial stand out from other honor societies and language clubs. Driven more academically, these clubs practice during the week, and often compete in competitions against other schools in the county. 

Academic Team

The Academic Team after a competition. (Image courtesy of Elizabeth Kemp)

What is Academic Team? 

Like jeopardy on steroids, Academic Team is a group of close knit friends that love and pride themselves in learning new things. With questions on a wide variety of topics, members eventually find their niche of topics that they are strongest in. 

Meetings and Competitions

The Academic Team is very similar to the jeopardy we all see on television. With five people on each team, people who think they have the right answer buzz in. The right answer gets points added, and if the answer is incorrect points are taken away. 

Competing a number of times this school year, members of Hylton’s Academic Team were named district and regional champions! 

Mock Trial

What is Mock Trial? 

Mock Trial is simply the simulation of a court case on trial. The team is given a packet of documents to assist in forming the arguments of its defense, prosecution, and witness groups. People learn to prepare and execute a successful trial and go against other schools. 

Meetings and Competitions

In Mock Trial, students spend time identifying witnesses and creating arguments for the prosecution and defense. Divided into teams, members create the opening and closing statements as well as the questions used for the trial against other schools.

Also, just last weekend members of Mock Trial were on trial at the Manassas District Courthouse. However, the defendant was found guilty and charged with criminal hazing (charges for murder and involuntary manslaughter were dropped). 

Debate Team

What is Debate Team?

Last but not least, the Debate Team is exactly as it sounds. In one versus one or two versus two debates, students compete against other schools, debating on topics prominent in the news at the time of the competitions. 

Meetings and Competitions

The Debate Team isn’t necessarily focused on a specific process, but rather your confidence in speaking with strong arguments and keeping up with the news. You then receive speaker points, and obviously at the end of debates the team with the most speaker points wins. 

Members of the debate team have also won several debates against schools such as Colgan and Potomac. 

Come and Join! 

If you have friends already in these clubs, try it out for a meeting- you might end up loving it! While extracurriculars look amazing on college applications and resumes, the friendships and memories that result from clubs are ones you will surely not forget! 

Don’t ever be scared or nervous to try new things! It’s okay to not always be right in trivia, or not strong in a debate, the more time and practice the better you will become! 

All three clubs are always looking for new members! If you have a passion to better yourself while working in groups and create new memories, then come on out and join the Academic, Debate, or Mock Trial teams! 

  • Sponsored by Ms. Smyth in room E-127, Academic Team is Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:15 to 4:00 pm!
  • Lastly, Mock Trial meets Mondays and Wednesdays 2:15 to 4:00 pm!
  • The Debate Team is currently sponsored by Ms. Schofield in Trailer 4 from 2:15 to 4:00 pm!

A huge thank you to Aidan Thompson, Taabish Nadeem, Elizabeth Kemp, Ryan Dale, Loghan Shanmuganathan, and Augusto Sandoval for answering questions about their clubs!