“We Don’t Talk About Bruno” and More on Disney’s ‘Encanto’


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The Disney movies that Gen-Z’ considers to make up their childhood usually have the protagonist leave on an adventure to faraway places, like Finding Nemo or the Disney princesses series. Disney’s newest story of magical self-discovery and hope, Encanto, takes place in a magical family home in a small, close-knit village.

This setting is part of Latin American uniqueness, where most families live together through generations in one house or one relative location. Latin American values center around extended family, contributing to the household, and the belief that everything a family needs is within their own walls.  Encanto’s lively characters serve as lessons that the power to grow and heal derives from within oneself and from one’s family.

Though Encanto’s target audience is young kids, the film approaches more mature subjects, including unhealed intergenerational trauma and the internal displacement of people within Colombia. (Colombia has one of the highest numbers of internally displaced people at 5.6 million).

Encanto has received praise for having a positive reflection of Colombia and including elements that all ages are able to connect to.

Monika Miranda, a junior, “thought it was really special to see such a diverse family represented on screen that mirrors my own…”. They continued to say, “[Disney] added concepts like magical realism, which is very present in Colombian culture and literature”.

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Encanto’s Success 

Lin-Manuel Miranda’s “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” has surpassed “Let It Go” from Disney’s 2013 Frozen, and as of February 15, “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” has topped the Billboard Hot 100 at No. 1 for three weeks. The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) has certified the Encanto soundtrack as gold, with individual gold and platinum certifications for “We Don’t Talk About Bruno”, “Surface Pressure”, “What Else Can I Do”, and “The Family Madrigal”.

On the popular social media platform TikTok, the hashtag #encanto has racked up 19.9 billion views and the “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” sound has 714.8 thousand videos, many with millions of likes.

This is the first time in Disney’s history that two human female protagonists starred in different movies in the same year. Mirabel’s co-star is Raya from Raya and the Last Dragon. Read our review on Disney’s first Southeast Asian princess in Raya and the Last Dragon.

What’s Next for the Madrigal Family?

Disney’s CEO, Bob Chapek, has confirmed Encanto will be a franchise, while Lin-Manuel Miranda has expressed interest in bringing Encanto to the Broadway stage.

Encanto has been nominated in three Oscar categories: Best Animated Feature Film, Best Original Score, and “Dos Oruguitas” has been nominated for Best Original Song. Winners for the Academy Awards will be celebrated on March 27 at the Dolby Theater in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California

Watch Encanto in theaters or on Disney Plus (with a monthly subscription). Encanto is rated PG for some thematic elements and holds a 91% rating on www.rottentomatoes.com.

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