Hylton’s Night of the Arts 2022

All photos featured within this article were taken by the author.

“It was such a a fun night. Every time I play with the band I get this adrenaline rush and a giant smile on my face. My friends and I had a great time playing.” – Mariana Gilliam, a junior and tuba player for the band.

On Thursday, February 10, Hylton’s Night of the Arts was held in the commons with hundreds in attendance. Those attendants were primarily family of students performing or whose art was being shown in the gallery.
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Walking in through the main entrance, guests were greeted by one of our own piano students.

And just a little further into the building and viewers found Hylton’s most impressive art displayed on several gallery walls.

Students and family alike wandered around and enjoyed the exhibits.

Forty-five minutes into the night at 6:45 pm, students holding various instruments filed into the commons and sat quietly in anticipation of their performance.

Mr. Brown introduced the orchestra to the audience that had gathered around to enjoy the show.

Although the orchestra was only able to play for about fifteen minutes, it was a respectable performance nonetheless. Their months of practice definitely paid off!

As the orchestra played and parents recorded, Hylton’s band waited patiently for their turn to wow the crowd.

As the orchestra’s concert came to an end, the director of the band, Mr. Basham, gave a speech to an ever-growing mass of students, family, and friends.

A short time later, Hylton’s band began.

After a terrific act, the band received thunderous applause, and many proud families left with their loved ones who had just performed. For those that stuck around, they were treated to the final speech of the night by the choral teacher, Mr. Tutwiler.

While much smaller compared to the orchestra and band, the choir made up for it with their voices and dress.

After the choir performance, things started winding down, as the number of people left dwindled, those remaining enjoyed hanging out with their friends.

Overall, it was a fun night filled with amazing artists and performers, I think I can speak for almost everyone that attended in saying that we look forward to the event next year.

Here are all the pictures were taken, mostly in chronological order, with no commentary.