Mr. Cassady’s Retirement and Career

Portrait of Mr. Cassady courtesy of Hylton High School

Portrait of Mr. Cassady courtesy of Hylton High School

After 34 years in education and 22 years at C.D. Hylton High School, Principal David Cassady Jr. is retiring.

During an interview with the principal, our staff writer asked about his favorite memory at Hylton, Mr. Cassady responded, “I don’t think it’s just one event. I think it’s when your school comes together as a community… I think the other thing, being here at Hylton, one of the coolest things I did was take a group of kids to China, that was a pretty awesome trip.” Besides this, he also helped create a “high-quality cabinetmaking program,” and has, ” had the opportunity to see many of our families gain hands-on international learning through the annual CISL Conference.”

About his plans for retirement, Mr. Cassady stated, “Believe it or not I’m probably gonna work, I can work just short of a full time job in education so I may take a step down as an administrator… I may actually get back into the classroom and teach a little bit.”

Cassady stated that retired principals would sometimes be used by the county as assistant principals or other administration jobs throughout the county. “I have a friend who retired a number of years ago. He’s been an assistant principal at Gar-Field for almost an entire year because that’s where they needed him to fill a vacancy in there.” He also said in a farewell email to the Hylton Community, “I am looking forward to spending more time with my bride of 37 years and 10 grandchildren.”

Senior Swag - Hylton High School celebrates the Class of 2021 - YouTube
Mr. Cassidy on Prince William County Schools YouTube channel celebrating the class of 2021.

After graduating from Potomac High School as part of the first graduating class in the 1983 school year, he went on to go to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. “I went to school, came back, and I got a teaching job at Potomac as a history teacher,” Mr. Cassady stated in an interview. “I was there three years and then Hylton High School opened up as a brand new school in 1991 and I came here as a teacher and a coach.” 

From Hylton, he went to Brentsville District High School and took up an assistant principal position there. “Then I took my first high school principal job in North Carolina, it just seemed like a good time to get out of Northern Virginia,” he stated.

In 2006, Cassady took a position as the principal at West Montgomery High School, “It was good, hard work, and I think it taught me a lot as a principal.” After moving back to Northern Virginia, he became an assistant principal at Osborn High School for one year. “Then Hylton High School Principalship opened in 2011 and this is where I’ve been ever since,” Cassady said.

Mr. Cassady is leaving the Hylton principalship with words of advice for students, “The most important thing is just don’t give up. Don’t stop trying… there’s gonna be hard times, low times… just seek somebody out: don’t give up in whatever you do.”