Black History Month at Hylton


Christian Daniels

Black History Month display by Hylton’s front office welcomes students and visitors every morning.

Black History Month is born

The founders of Black History Month are the Association for the Study of African American Life and History or the ASALH. This month-long celebration of African American history began with Dr. Carter G Woodson (known as the Father of Black History) in 1926 as a way to implement African American history in schools. The ASALH offers in-depth history, community events, and higher education opportunities.

In 1986, at the request of Congress, the House, and Senate: President Ronald Reagan issued Presidential Proclamation 5443 in which he noted, “the foremost purpose of Black History Month is to make all Americans aware of this struggle for freedom and equal opportunity.”

Quick facts

Black History Month is celebrated in February to include Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglasses birthdays. Source:

Every year, Black History month has a theme. The 2021 theme was “The Black Family: Representation, Identity, and Diversity”. The theme for 2022 is “Black Health and Wellness”, to honor the legacy of Black scholars as well as the current Black health care workers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The significance of this year’s “Black Health and Wellness” theme: “Approximately 97.9 out of every 100,000 African Americans have died from COVID-19, a mortality rate that is a third higher than that for Latinos (64.7 per 100,000), and more than double than that for whites (46.6 per 100,000) and Asians (40.4 per 100,000).” Source:

Hylton celebrations

Hylton’s Black Student Union actively features African American influential people and culture and will host a club meeting on Thursday, February 10 in room E-141.

Check out this video, featured on the county’s website, where PWCS students share thoughts on Black history.

Although the CISL program will not be having a general meeting this month, @cdhyltoncisl will have Black History Month featured on their Instagram account!

Individual and community celebrations

In D.C., pay a visit to the National Museum of African American History and Culture and the National Museum of African Art.

Prince William County’s Black History Committee is holding a virtual panel with local healthcare professionals. Click here for more information. Attend more virtual events: 

Research books, music, movies, and shows featuring or by Black artists. Access books through the Hylton library or Prince William County libraries. Discover Black-owned restaurants and small businesses in the area.