Early 2022 Sets Record for High Amounts of Snowfall in the Northeast


Almost 2 More Months Left of Winter

The last day of winter is on March 20. Snow has been going all around the country this winter. Our very own county was strongly affected by the inclement weather, with having over six days deemed not safe to go to school, and with conditions that made roads dangerous, sidewalks a safety hazard, and with snow that is still melting over three weeks later. The east coast of the United States was strongly impacted by this, with many states having to close roads, workplaces, and schools due to the high amount of snowfall we’ve gotten this year.

Picture from The New York Post, stating that some places will have a total of 18 inches of snow.

Atlantic City Snow Storm, 1987 vs 2022

In January 1987, Atlantic City, New Jersey got 20.3 inches of snow from a snowstorm. 35 years later, this past month, it is listed with a new record of snowfall for the city with 33.2 inches, which is almost three feet. This was caused by a snowstorm that affected even more cities in the Northeast negatively, with some having the most snow they have ever gotten. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Boston, Massachusetts, and New York got their snowiest days ever on Saturday, January 29, 2022. Thousands of flights were canceled, and many accidents were caused on the major roads. Wind speeds were reported to be around 40 MPH.

Lots of rainfall in Atlantic Cities, many places are expected to close or remain close on Monday.


The Nor’easter storm that is going around impacting many places within the Northeast has caused catastrophic weather for multiple states and cities, Boston was reported to have floodwater from the storm that went up to 4 feet high. More than 88,000 homes and businesses lost power in the Northeast. Lack of vision from the dusty winds was reported by multiple cities. Strong wind chills from the storm were reported to reach below zero degrees Fahrenheit in some cities. The snow and below-freezing temperatures from this storm reached as far as Maryland. Many states, mainly Massachusetts and Rhode Island, declared a state of emergency. Virginia declared a state of emergency from the snowstorm we got in early January after the major accident on I-95. In which many people were left on for over 24 hours.

Nor’easter map and recap from late January 2022.

Another Snowstorm On Its Way This Week

There is reported to be another winter storm on the rise for late this upcoming weekend (February 5-6) through the middle of the week in the Northeast. According to Carl Azuz of CNN, over 100 million people in 25 states were under winter weather alerts of Thursday night because of the next ongoing storm. Many flights have been canceled and are predicted to have more cancellations over the weekend.

Philadelphia had a lot of snowfall which resulted in many roads being closed.

Snow Squalls and Blizzards, the Differences, the Dangers, and How to be Ready

“When you hear of intense snowstorms, you think of terms like ‘lake effect snow’ or ‘blizzards’, however, there is another type that is equally dangerous. Snow Squalls.” – Tyler Mauldin, CNN. Snows squalls are similar to billiards but have a few minor differences, most squalls last around 30 minutes, But this can cause many states to declare a state under winter weather alerts or a state of emergency. Snow Squalls are usually not as dangerous as blizzards, but depending on where it hits and when it hits, it could be more catastrophic than blizzards. Some states are now starting to implement snow squall warnings to alert citizens to be safe and to be prepared for the snow, even if it is not from a billiard. Snow Squall safety and awareness week are in November.

What most Snow Squalls look like, usually takes about 30 minutes before there are sheets of ice on roads and sidewalks.

Be Safe!

There are pros and cons to snow, but this year has been one of the most interesting and standout years for snowy weather in the United States. Winter is not over and we could still face inclement weather within the next month,  remember to stay safe, be prepared, and watch the news in case of a state of emergency or weather alerts.