Tips, Advice, and a Check-in for the New Quarter

The new quarter has just started, and the second semester is now rolling. The amazing news about this is we’re halfway through the school year. I think we can all agree this school year has been a bit of a struggle, especially with COVID-19 and returning to school in person.

5 Ways To Help Your Child With School Struggles – Wynford Dore
Have you been struggling this year?

It’s best to organize and schedule your weeks, always be ahead and plan things out, and mark down important days. Try buying a notebook planner, set some reminders on your phone calendar too, or if you have an iPhone use your reminder app.

Studying always helps. Writing down notes always helps me remember material better. It’s always good to take notes because you can always look over them again.  Studying in a nice, quiet area is very helpful, such as the school library or any library in general. This keeps you concentrated. Hylton’s library is available after school until 3 pm.

Never be scared or afraid to ask for help. Talk to the school’s guidance counselors for advice or any teacher you feel comfortable with. If you’re struggling on keeping up with work, ask your teacher if it’s okay to stay after to finish up some work, or to retake any assignments you didn’t do well on. Ask your friends or other students in class if you don’t feel comfortable asking any adult. Associating with other students for help could also maybe help you gain some new friends.

Remember, your feelings are always valid and stress is a normal part of life. Take a break whenever you need to, go out and enjoy yourself. Listen to some music to help you through it and just breathe. Take some time to yourself and treat yourself to a gift. Always do some self-care.

The last tip of the day, have a goal. Setting a goal helps guide you and focus on what you want. It also helps to motivate you and gives you motivation.