COVID-19 Surges in 2022

As the new year begins, COVID-19 cases are rising higher than ever. It’s been reported since January 21, 2022, there’s over 1.4 million cases of COVID-19 in Virginia since the start of the pandemic, and over 15,000 deaths. At least 78% of the population has one dose of the vaccine and 68% of the population is fully vaccinated.  Prince William County though has 87,400 plus recently 639 new COVID-19 cases and 620 have died due to the virus.

VDH's Friday COVID update includes 17,027 new cases, 131 new hospitalizations | WFXRtvThe photo right above shows and explains more of Virginia’s COVID-19 cases.

COVID-19 cases continue to rise, why? Well, every day fewer people continue to not wear a mask or any face coverage even in crowded areas. People aren’t social distancing and continue to go out. Some people aren’t even wearing masks while not being vaccinated. If traveling or going out, always remember to be wearing face protection regardless of vaccination status.

Since COVID-19 cases are increasing, there are a few precautions to take, including getting vaccinated, always wearing masks, and staying sanitized. Remember, not wearing face-covering may harm those around you. Always try to clean yourself and your environment, wash hands after doing anything, and remember to avoid touching your face with your hands. Cover any time you cough or blow your nose! Finally, get tested and stay home at any time if you feel symptoms.