Holiday Season: A Guide to the Perfect Gift!

Are you trying to find the perfect gift? If yes, then keep reading!


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Help! The holiday season is around the corner!

“Ahhh, help! I don’t know what to get for my (fill-in-the-blank) for this holiday season.”

Well, you have come to the right place. This article will help you find the perfect gift for that special person in your life. However, the title might be a little misleading. There is no one “perfect gift” rather there are “perfect gifts,” and I will show you what I mean by the end of this article.

The perfect gift all depends on who is receiving this gift i.e. a gift you would give to your significant other is not necessarily something you would give to a friend. So, I will be splitting up this article into 3 categories of gift recipients to maximize recipient satisfaction.

Friend: Yes, I know how much your friend means to you, and giving them a subpar gift might make you feel bad. So, here is my guide to the perfect gift for a friend.

When giving a gift to a friend, you want to think about something that may hold some symbolism within your friendship. Regardless of whether the gift is cheap or expensive, a gift that evokes a laugh from your recipient is a gift well-received.

Within my life, for example, a running joke with one of my friends is our notorious “African Slap.” To sum it up, we are both Africans, and we like to jokingly say to each other, “Imma ’bout to African slap you” after one of us says something stupid. I, the gift-giver, would capitalize on those refreshing moments where we both share a laugh and turn it into a gift.

This could include making a shirt that reads the phrase we repeatedly say to each other or buying a huge plastic hand that would be in reference to the phrase (I’m sure it’s possible to find).

So, while searching for those beautiful moments that might have strengthened your friendship will take some time, once you find that perfect moment, you will stumble upon the perfect gift.

Oh look-ie here, it’s only $12.99!

Family: Your Uncle Joe is someone you only see once a year but you still want to give him a memorable gift. I got you!

Now giving a gift to a friend might have been easy, but how about a gift to that family member you only see during the holiday season.

While memorable moments may be limited, showing your appreciation for them may be more valuable than a tangible item. This could include making their favorite dish, getting to know them more (ex. asking about their hobbies, thus showing a genuine interest in them), or playing board games.

Regardless of the act, with family members, the best gift you can give is your time.

Uncle Joe after you’ve spent some time with him:

Significant Other: Oooh, love birds. Well, I still got you!

Getting a gift for a partner can arguably be the hardest and trickiest thing to do. While you may know a lot about your SO, getting them the right gift will remain to be an obstacle.

You might wonder, “Should I give them a wacky and fun gift? Wait, maybe that’s too laid back and unthoughtful” or “Should I take them out for dinner? But they might think that’s boring,” however, the best gift in this scenario is creating something that best represents and depicts your relationship with them.

Examples include spending some time creating a video slideshow of your most memorable moments with them, writing a heartfelt song (or poem for my non-singers out there) about your feelings for them, or anything else that may highlight your relationship with them.

Not only will you have crossed this scary obstacle but you’ll have probably left your SO in tears of joy.

“The Perfect Gift”

When thinking of a gift to give, we have to take into consideration the different people within our lives and our relationships with them. The bonds that we create influence and mold the gifts we give to show our appreciation.

So, while there is no “perfect gift,” there are many “perfect gifts” to give and that is the biggest takeaway…and my gift to you for this holiday season (pun intended).