Animal Crossing 2.0 Update

The popular Animal Crossing game leaves room for further improvement and updates.


Seeing my switch lite laying on my desk collecting dust, I couldn’t remember the last time I had visited my island. It was surely overridden with weeds all around as my neighbors wondered where I disappeared too. When I first heard about the major content update coming to the Nintendo Switch’s Animal Crossing New Horizons game, I was excited. There would finally be other options to do on my island instead of terraforming and decorating.

~It felt like the same version from the 3DS~

This isn’t my first rodeo with the franchise. A few years back I played Animal Crossing New Leaf on my Nintendo 3DS system. At the beginning of my playing New Horizons, it was quite obvious that it contained a lot fewer features than New Leaf. With the update, they added Most of the New Leaf Content such as Brewster’s Roost Café and boat rides with Kapp’n to even more different islands. To someone who hasn’t played animal crossing before, these updates may seem exciting. However, to those who have already had the experience, they did not feel like important features but, add-ons that should’ve already been included in the game when it was first released.

~New additions I enjoyed~

My island was this close to being a single level because of the ladders. The frustration of having to take them out to climb walls was not worth it for me. Now I can climb ladders without keeping a pair inside my inventory.

Growing your own produce and cooking food is an amazing new feature that I’ve yet to try on the game. It reminds me of the game Minecraft where you can farm and craft different food items. The creativity of the update also allows you to place the items as decorations, glittering your home and islands with treats everywhere.

For someone like me, you can never store too many items in your closet. The storage expansion is really useful to keep old items and new ones that have yet to be collected. The bridge increase is also nice to help beautify the island even more and save time crossing places if you have rivers everywhere.

~Why is this the last major content update?~

Seeing on the trailer that this would be the last major update left me puzzled. Why was it the last one? That’s all Nintendo had to offer us players? Luckily for me I didn’t buy the game but I could imagine the frustrations for others who payed around sixty dollars for the game. There still could have been more for improvement and more add-ons.