CDC Endorses the Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine for 5-11 year olds

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images


A media statement made by the CDC on Tuesday, November 2, 2021 announced that the Pfizer vaccine is now recommend for 5-11 year old’s an age group which contains around 28 million people. In a fact sheet released by The White House, referenced to the success amongst 12-17 years old with the Pfizer vaccine. The ‘fact sheet’ also cleared some potential concerns that parents might have.


The White House stated that the dose and formula given to the younger children will be different than the ones we’ve already seen. The change in formula and dosage was made to ensure the children’s safety but the formula isn’t the only change. The physical size of the vaccine packaging will also be made smaller to help with storage in pediatrician offices. Alongside the packaging the needle sizes have also been shortened.


 Many questions have been raised about whether we should even bother giving such a low risk age group the vaccine. Although it will require a lot of time and effort, this will help build some level of normalcy in the childhoods of children growing up in a global pandemic.


Teaching children proper hygiene is a difficult task for an already overworked and exhausted workforce of teachers. The CDC and White House would agree, as they strongly encourage parents to get there children the vaccine. Any concerned parent has been told to call their local pediatrician office for any vaccine related questions.