Native American Heritage Month!

November is Native American Heritage month!

This month is Native American heritage month!

On November 14, 1990, President George H.W Bush declared November as National American Indian Heritage month. President George H.W Bush signed a joint resolution to honor and acknowledge Native Americans. This month is to celebrate Native American culture and history. Originally during the year 1916, the second Saturday in May,  the governor of New York declared the first American Indian day.

Celebrate National Native American Month!

Many people wonder why November was chosen as the month to celebrate Native Americans? Well November is traditionally the harvest season.  During November Native Americans would share a harvest feast and celebrate, and this is when thanksgiving started becoming a tradition.

Now if you’re wondering ways to celebrate Native American heritage month then I got you.

A good idea is to get out there and explore. Reservations are always opened to visit, go visit landmarks of Native American tribes, and learn something new. There’s also many Museums you could visit too and you could also attend any educational event. It’s best if we learn and educate ourselves about Native Americans.

If you’re thinking about changing up your house and adding some décor then add some thanksgiving decorations.

Reading educational books about Native American’s culture and tribe is actually really helpful. Reading could help you improve your reading skills and educate yourself more about Native Americans. Books also explain a lot more and can help you understand more about Native Americans.

Some people may not know this but lacrosse is traditionally a Native American sport. It was originally known as stickball, Native Americans played using rocks and without wearing any protection, but over time the sport was changed and played differently. It would be fun if you and friends or family tried learning how to play or just attend a lacrosse game.

On thanksgiving you and your family could try some indigenous recipes and watch movies or shows starring indigenous actors.

This month you, friends, or family should try having some fun by celebrating and honoring Native American heritage month.