Netflix’s Most Popular Show Yet: Squid Game


Recently Netflix has come out with a new hit show called Squid Game. The show has a rating of 4.7, it has over 111 million viewers, and is even listed as top 1 on Netflix’s most viewed in U.S. The show has fans screaming and jumping out of their seats. Many fans even recommend having tissues nearby while watching the show. 

Our main protagonist, Seong Gi-Hun is player 456, as for the rest of the people in the joggers are other players, and the masked men in red are the antagonist.

The show takes place in South Korea, it begins with our main protagonist Seong Gi-Hun, Seong Gi-Hun is a man in his 40s living with his old aging mom, he is a divorced man with a 10-year-old daughter, Seong Gi-Hun first decides to join the game when he finds out his daughter is leaving to America, and this causes him to finally get a change in his life. Seong Gi-Hun joins Squid Game to win money to support for his daughter, he joins not knowing what the game is.  

After getting picked up from a mask man, Seong Gi-Hun wakes up to find himself with a room full of strangers, he later finds out these strangers are other players all struggling to pay off debts, and in total there are 456 players. The rules are later explained, each day there will be 6 games that each player must play, if you refuse to play the game you suffer consequence, and if you pass all 6 games you get to go home with money.  

As the first game begins, many players are calmed and feeling good especially since the game is a children’s game, red light green light, except the only difference is if you get caught moving you die. After that horrendous game the players are all given a chance to vote whether to end the game and go home with no prize money or continue playing. It’s finally decided to end the game and let the players go home with no money. 

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Red light green light

Seong Gi-Hun returns home only to find his mother sick  in a hospital bed, he discovers his mother is dying from diabetes and needs surgery to amputate her foot. Seong Gi-Hun realizes he won’t have enough money to pay for his mother’s hospital bill or her surgery. This causes Seong Gi-Hun to think of the prize money and reconsider his decision of voting to end the game. Seong Gi-Hun later decides to rejoin the game again. 

Fans are expecting a season 2 of Squid Game but not much has been said. The creator of Squid Game did say he wants to explain more of the side characters background stories. Fans have come up with many theories believing some characters might actually be alive. Filming season 1 of Squid Game took 2 years which makes fans believe season 2 will be released in 2023.


If this descriptive review interested you, head to Netflix and become one of millions of Squid Game viewers.