Hylton’s School Food: 5 Star Rating or 2 Star Rating?

Many Hylton students have noticed an unpleasant change to the school food.

A Facebook post comparing Hyltons school food with North Staffords school food.

A Facebook post comparing Hylton’s school food with North Stafford’s school food.

While the school menu appears to be the same, some students have brought attention to some of the changes to the school food.

PWCS has stated that “School Food and Nutrition Services operates in each school to offer students nutritious, enjoyable, high-quality meals at a reasonable price,” and though receiving school food at a “reasonable price” is no longer relevant as students now receive breakfast and lunch for free, the “high-quality” aspect of the statement has been put into question by some Hylton students.

While Hylton no longer permits this action, some students resulted to ordering food on various food delivering apps such as Doordash during lunch periods to avoid the school food.

When asked about why she believes students began ordering food on apps like Doordash, sophomore Samantha Leicht states that “The food on Doordash is better and you get a lot more options …and especially after the incident we just had with the moldy bread and the milk not getting stored properly, that’s going to make people not want it [school food] even more.”

As stated by Leicht, many other Hylton students had complained about how the milk was of chunky consistency suggesting it was expired and the bread being moldy on some occasions. In addition, for some time, the syrup had developed a different consistency from what could be considered normal suggesting that that syrup was not stored correctly either.

These recent developments all come after PWCS’ School Food and Nutrition Services Director Adam Russo received the Foodservice Achievement Management Excellence award back in February of 2021 for his “outstanding” management of the PWCS nutrition program.

In addition, photos of different schools’ food began circulating throughout Facebook comparing what is being served at some schools. Through these posts, it appears as though Hylton is outperforming other schools in terms of the quality of its school food.

Though Hylton’s school food may appear to have gone bad on some days, these are particular instances and do not represent the food on a regular basis.