Vaccination Around the World


India has given over twenty million covid shots which is relatively small to its large populations of a billion people. However, it’s a step in the right direction that sets a precedent for other developing nations. Due to lack of information, many citizen in developing countries have a fear of the shot.


The two most popular vaccine in India is The AstraZeneca-Oxford shot developed by Oxford University in England and Covaxin a vaccine made by an Indian company. The Covaxin vaccine was given special emergency use and was able to skip over the crucial late-stage trial. This caused a lot of distrust between the Indian population and the Indian people.


Here in America, we had a similar problem with the Pfizer vaccine which was given to many without FDA approval. Since then Pfizer has received approval from the FDA however many are still cautious. With talks of forced vaccination, we are living in a time of uncertainty. 


However, since the Pfizer vaccine has received its approval, it has pushed many people to get the shot which puts us closer to the end goal, getting back to normal. Many people have even gotten a booster shot, usually a mix of two different vaccines. You would first receive the Pfizer shot then the Moderna booster and vice versa. The shots will hopefully help us return to a pre-covid world but in the meantime, there are still billions unvaccinated especially in Africa where a large majority are still unvaccinated due to a plethora of reason