Study Tips 101

Study Tips 101

As the year progresses, students are forced to adapt to in-person school. Many students relied on the forgiving and lenient freedom of online schooling. And as unfortunate as it is, with school picking up again, many students are beginning to feel left behind. Thankfully, there are many study resources and tips available to help students prosper in this “new” learning environment. 


One particularly helpful resource is National Honor Society’s (NHS’s) tutoring program, which will be starting within the next few weeks. More information will be provided once NHS begins their tutoring.


Other than that, students can also get to know their classmates, creating study groups where they can ask questions, and receive help on more specific topics within each individual class. Teamwork and communication are some of the best ways to learn and understand specific things. Interestingly enough, teaching or reviewing the topic with another person also helps in comprehending the subject (more information on this can be found here). 


Like teaching, students may find that reciting what they went over in class is the best way for them to excel. Reading notes aloud, or trying to explain concepts to yourself can be an awesome and effective way to comprehend and remember what you learned in class. 


As old-fashioned as this tip may seem, creating and studying flashcards can also be an amazing way to remember things. Quizlet has a vast amount of flashcards readily available from classes in the database made by students from other schools. If there is a set that works, use it! 


Some students, if they have the time, also redo their notes, making them look more visually appealing. By rewriting everything already written in class, students are essentially doing the same thing as making flashcards. There are a lot of benefits to writing things that have to be remembered, and if you are able to find that rewriting things helps, then definitely do it. Studying should be focused around your own needs and what works best for you


Watching videos on the concept, whether it be on YouTube, DeltaMath, or Khan Academy, is also an amazing way to review things learned in class. Through this, students may even be able to find alternative ways to look at the problem at hand, or receive a deeper understanding of the concept.


Of course, all of these study tips are subjective to each person. One thing that works for someone, may not work for someone else. Nevertheless, do not ever stop striving for finding the best way to study. There are many different ways, and if something is not working for you, change it. Adapting to change is one of the most important skills in not only school, but in life. It can be enhanced by always making sure you are on your best game when studying.