No more Doordash on School grounds?

Hylton High School provides food for students during breakfast and lunch hours, though recently students have been ordering food from fast food delivery apps, such as Doordash, Grubhub, and Uber Eats. Some students have also been leaving school to go eat and returning before class starts. The staff members at Hylton aren’t so happy about this. Hylton has now forbidden students from leaving the school’s premises to get food. They’ve also banned students from ordering any outside food. Hylton has staff members outside on watch to keep these delivery orders out.

The main reason to ban outside food was because the staff members were worried some students might feel hurt or upset if they can’t afford outside food. This school year Prince William County has allowed school lunch and breakfast to be free due to many families having trouble affording food during Covid. Another reason for banning delivery food was for safety measurements. These delivery orders are dropped off by strangers, and staff here at Hylton are worried something may go wrong.

I’ve gone around asking students for their opinion and here’s what I’ve heard.

“Personally, I have not ordered food from outside the school, I’ve had school lunch pretty much every day, and personally it’s not my favorite. I don’t know anyone who has had food delivered to the school, but if I did, I’d most likely ask for some” said Alexa Zarkauska.

“I believe banning outside food isn’t the smartest choice, some kids don’t like school food and decide to just skip out, but that’s not right because students need energy to get through the day” said Angela Villatoro.

Alliyah Thrash is a new incoming freshmen she believes banning outside food is not giving students a choice on what to eat. Other students have different opinions, Odaly Hernandez a senior here at Hylton High school says, “ordering food isn’t the best option does it even get here on time?”

School food isn’t always the best, but for now, we got to stick with it. Hylton most likely isn’t changing their rule.