Senior College Updates

Senior year can be a stressful year for all seniors. Not only do you have to focus on completing your final year of high school, you also have to think about post-graduation goals and options, including attending a college or university.


The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) opened up on October 1. It is free government aid to help pay for tuition costs. All students are encouraged to apply. Students should apply as soon as possible as there are only limited funds. On November 9, Colgan Highschool is hosting free FAFSA help sessions in-person for anyone needing help to fill the application out. Be sure to bring in important information such as federal tax returns, social security numbers, employment history, etc.

College Early Application

Most colleges have an early application deadline along with their regular decision due date. You can either apply early action which is non-binding, or regular decision which is binding. Applying early not only means that you will hear back from those colleges sooner, but that also for some colleges, you will be automatically considered for merit-based scholarships. Most of these applications close in early November and December depending on what college you are applying to. If you missed the deadline however, you can still apply for regular decision which is usually due in January.


The SAT and ACT is usually taken during your Junior year of high school. Due to COVID-19, a lot of colleges have gone test-optional. If you would still like to include it in your application however, you should make sure you sign up for the following exams in order to include them in your application.

There can be a lot on your plate to think about or complete. Tackling each item one at a time though can help you prepare for a successful future.