T.V. Production Program Morning News is Back and Better Than Ever!


The T.V. Production Program is a four year Specialty Program at Hylton for students who want to study the history and the making of movies, T.V shows, radio, etc. Students in the program are also able to use this knowledge to create their own productions. For years, the Program has produced the Morning News and has done an amazing job at them. This year is no different in that sense.

On Monday the 13, we had our first Morning News. It was an amazing job done by our T.V. Production Program students, especially given the circumstances of the past year. “I felt like walking into T.V. Production this year, I felt like completely new. I felt like I didn’t know anything about anything.” Said Henna Osman, who did the first Morning News this Monday, “It was very nerve racking to be the first host.” She continued.

On the Morning News, you can find information ranging from College Visits to announcements about different clubs. There are announcements about sports, such as football games as well. On September 22’s Morning News, there was even a special clip about Hispanic Heritage Month. The Morning Announcements are daily and available on YouTube

Students and teachers in the Program all seem to be happy to be back in the classroom and are adjusting to using the equipment. “I love being back in the classroom… I like being with my students, I like talking with my students.” Said Ms. Canada, the T.V. II teacher, “For my T.V. II students, they’re adjusting really well… now that they’re able to use the DSLR cameras… and it’s really helping them out with team collaboration.” She later stated. 

“Our program is one that we have to be able to do that (be in a classroom) because the equipment that we use here for the most part, you can’t use elsewhere,” Said Mr. Lilly, who is the T.V. II teacher, “Our program is really designed around working within production teams and not being able to put students in production teams was very difficult.” 

“I absolutely love it! There’s no question about it… I think it was a little bit of work getting the students reengaged. I hope that the students enjoy it, more than looking at a monitor pretty much all day.” Mr. Chacey said, “I love the classroom, I love the interaction with the students… I love that.”

Students shared a similar view point, “I liked the extra time I had due to online school but I missed the social interaction with other students and teachers.” Said Yeimy Martinez about virtual school.

Overall, this year in the T.V. Production Program will be one of the most interesting and will also pose new opportunities and challenges for students. For example, in the Morning News, you see the students without masks, “You can’t just put a bunch of students together in a picture, you have to film one student and then in the same scene film another student in the same shot.” Says Ms. Canada.