Get Involved in Hylton’s Clubs!

Get Involved in Hyltons Clubs!

Whether you are looking for an extracurricular activity to add to a college application, a club to fulfill specialty program point requirements, or are simply just looking to get involved, Hylton has just the club for you. With so much to offer, our Staff Writer had the opportunity to talk with a few students about their clubs. 

Hylton has a huge variety of clubs and other extracurricular activities to offer. With an Academic Team, Environmental Club, English to Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) Club, Latin American Student Association (LASA), as well as the Spanish and Korean Club, there is something for everyone. Below is information about a few of these groups and their meeting time and location. 

  • The Academic Team is every Tuesday and Thursday in room E127 after school, starting September 14. Instagram: @hyltonacademic
  • Environmental Club meets once a month on Tuesday in F225 after school, beginning on September 14. Instagram: @hyltonenvironmentalclub
  • Latin American Student Association (LASA) meets on the 4th Monday of each month in E121 starting September 20. Instagram: @hyltonlasa
  • Spanish Club meets every other Wednesday in Trailer 2 after school, starting on September 22. Instagram: @hyltonspanishclub
  • ESOL Club hasn’t published dates for the new school year. Instagram: @hylton_esolclub
  • The Korean Club doesn’t have dates set for the new year yet. Instagram: @hyltonkorean

For more information on Hylton’s clubs, visit our school website

In these organizations, students have the opportunity to help better their environment, learn about different cultures and languages, and even debate with other students on current events. The Environmental Club organizes hikes and clean-ups around the county while the Spanish and Korean Club watch movies and have discussions related to culture and languages. To add, you can also hold leadership positions within these groups. Sumera Ejaz (Grade 12) is President and Co-President of the Spanish and Environmental Clubs, while Ariadna Rodriguez(Grade 11) is President of ESOL Club, Vice-President of LASA, and part of Korean Club’s Public Relations team. 

While many students are worried about balancing extracurricular activities with coursework, Ejaz and Rodriguez assure you that it is possible. It can be difficult at times, but if you manage your time the right way and stay organized, it can work. It is recommended to choose a club or two that interests you most, versus choosing multiple you cannot keep up with. 

Thank you to Ejaz and Rodriquez for your time and valuable interview responses. We hope that this article encourages you to get out there and get involved. Clubs are an amazing way to make long-lasting friendships and learn new things- oh, and they look good on college applications!