Richmond’s Robert E. Lee Monument Has Been Removed

On Wednesday morning, Robert E. Lee statue was taken down. On June 3, Virginia Governor  Ralph Northman announced  the Robert E. Lee monument in Richmond will be removed. The monument was first added in the year 1890 and has been there for 131 years until now. The process started from 9am and ended around 10am, crowds cheered and chanted of happiness to finally see his monument gone.

Robert E. Lee was the general for the Confederate State Army during the Civil War, he fought against the Union Army until April 9, 1965 , when he surrendered to general Ulysses. S Grant the general of the Union Army. The Civil War first began in the year 1861, when Abraham Lincoln was elected president, many Americans felt angry and upset towards president Lincoln for his decision to end slavery. Around the time many Americans depended on colored people for economics, without colored people working on economics most businesses were going down.  Many Americans blamed president Lincoln for all of this chaos. On April 12, 1961, at 4:30am the Confederate State Army made the first move against the Union Army by firing on Fort Sumter in South Carolina’s Charleston Harbor.

During the year 1870, on October 12, Robert E. Lee died at the age of 63, 2 weeks before he died he had suffered a stroke. 20 years later after Lee’s death around the time of the Jim Crow Laws, Americans had decided to put up a statue for Robert E. Lee to show the colored people their ancestries who fought for slavery to be grown. Robert. E Lee was a man who fought for slavery to be grown, he owned slaves, tore apart families, and was unkind towards his slaves. He was a man who believed colored people shouldn’t have freedom, he continued owning slaves until the Virginia court had finally forced him to let them go.

Recently last year, after a death of a 46 year old innocent black man who was killed from police brutally, many people had decided to join together and protest for African Americans to be treated equally as a American. Virginia Governor, Ralph Northman agreed with the people and had decided to finally take down the monument of Robert E. Lee, he’s not a person we should be looking up to, “It was wrong then and it is wrong now” stated Governor Ralph Northman. “Virginia could no longer honor a system that supported slavery” Virginia Governor had said.