How did COVID-19 affect freshmen?

COVID-19 is a deadly virus that has affected countless people, including the lives of our new incoming C.D. Hylton freshmen. Many changes were made due to COVID-19 and adjusting to something new isn’t easy. Going from seventh grade to the first year of high school is a huge change of scenery and a new experience for students – adding a global pandemic does not make things easier. 

Today we interviewed a few new incoming freshmen in high school and asked how they feel jumping into a whole new perspective of learning experience and how the pandemic affected them. Multiple students said they were struggling academically due to them being stuck at home and not having good social skills to ask for help to improve and meet the academic standards and work ethic.

Angela Ventura is a freshman at Hylton High school, she stated, staying at home made her miss friends, and that the only way she kept in contact with them was through the phone. Another freshman, Alexa Zarkauskas says sports and athletics was the biggest change of all. From following multiple different mask mandates to not having specific information related to her sport, it was stressful and different.

Jennifer Hernandez told us the difficulties of trying to connect with people virtually. She stated, “texting and FaceTime and social media will only get you a surface level friendship. It isn’t the same.”.

Although it was difficult for most of the new students, some people have actually enjoyed and had a good experience in virtual learning. Multiple students told us they enjoyed working from the comfort of their beds and not having to stick to a tight-knit schedule. Jashly Lizama, a freshman at Hylton high school, says she felt much safer at home, away from people and the virus.