A Bulldog Summer

Summer 2021 was one anxiously awaited, as many summer camps were running again, travel opened up, and COVID-19 vaccinations became available to high school students.


Hylton Bulldogs took advantage of and embraced summer 2021 as a time to travel, attend academic programs, and volunteer at museums. 

In addition to anticipating freshman year after a virtual eighth-grade year, freshmen spent their time traveling. Larkyn and Cassidy both visited Myrtle Beach, while Izaiah visited Yorktown beach while staying at Great Wolf Lodge. He highly recommends visiting. Like many of his classmates, Giovanni traveled but actually got to experience air traveling with COVID-19 precautions in place. Savannah had fun getting a new look with a nose piercing and took a road trip to North Carolina! 

Freshmen were not the only ones traveling! Abigail Mirambel spent the summer before their junior year visiting Orlando, Florida. Their exciting visit brought them to Universal Studios and Disney World with their family. The magical firework display at the end of the day accompanied by classic Disney songs was the highlight of their vacation. A popular program among Hylton students for the summer is Governor’s School at Radford University for humanities. Monika Miranda, a Hylton junior, got the opportunity to stay at the Radford campus and dorms for a month-long immersion into college life. She was initially interested in the program because of the diversity of students brought in from all over the Commonwealth of Virginia to learn about humanities. “I really liked learning humanities subjects without having to worry about homework or grades”, she said.

Last summer, Governor school programs were canceled due to COVID-19. This year, the program encouraged students to get the COVID-19 vaccine or take a rapid COVID-19 test when arriving at Radford, Virginia. “We were almost in our own little bubble for a whole month…it made it safer to interact with each other throughout the month.” Though this was Miranda’s main event of the summer, her grandparents also visited, and she learned how to make Columbian dishes!


More locally, Megan Richert volunteered at the National Museum of the Marine Corps in Triangle, Virginia. Her experience was actually delayed for about a year due to COVID-19 and virtual testing at school. “After being in a funk during quarantine and summer 2020, not being around others, and college stress, it felt good to be with people at the museum.” Though Richert was one of the youngest volunteers, she enjoyed meeting retired Marines and being able to learn from them. Her job as a volunteer was to be in stations around the museum and present the history of the Marine Corps exhibits to museum visitors. Richert’s favorite memory from this summer was receiving a challenge coin from a fellow volunteer who was a retired marine. Challenge coins represent loyalty and unity among a certain group.

Summer 2021 offered students a refreshing break from the virtual learning environment and hopefully renewed their bulldog energies for the 2021-22 school year!