2017 Homecoming Looks!

Savannah Winstead, Lifestyle & Fashion Editor

On Saturday, Oct. 14, Hylton had its annual homecoming dance a Night under the Stars.  The students went all out! We saw it all from the classic little black to the edgy one-of-a-kind outfits. Here are just a few of the stars we saw at the dance.

Glimmer & Glow

Everyone wants to shine bright like a diamond on such big night. These students sparkled all night.

Nothing like the Classics.

When it comes to shopping for a black-tie event, sometimes it’s best to stick to the classic styles and colors like red or black. These students rocked timeless styles with confidence and poise.

Autumn is here and so are the colors!

Autumn gives us an array of beautiful colors like burgundy, deep oranges, and dark purples. Beautiful colors make for beautiful dresses.


It’s easy to see that this year’s go to homecoming dress was either satin or velvet. These are just a couple of the elegant velvet dresses.


Don’t count the boys out yet.

There was no old school suit n’ tie at this school dance. The guys took a modern approach to their homecoming suits. They added their own personal flare and style to their attire and they did not disappoint.

Homecoming dates!

What’s homecoming without the homecoming dates? These hoco couples took time to make sure their outfits coordinated.