CISL 2021-2022: Everything You Need to Know


One of the county’s many specialty programs, the Center for International Studies and Languages is based at Hylton. One of our Staff Writers had the opportunity to speak with Mrs. Campagna, CISL Coordinator, as well as Mrs. Terenchin, Department Chair, about how CISL will look as we shift back to a more traditional school year. 


Q: What exactly is the Center for International Studies?

A: CISL is an interdisciplinary program that crosses world language and social study content to ultimately expand the global awareness of participants through course work and extracurricular involvement. 


Q: As we transition into the new school year and things become more open, what CISL events can students look forward to this year that were not available last year? 

A: Students can expect to have the opportunity to participate and submit points for all activities previously offered pre-pandemic. This includes but is not limited to the CISL Tailgate, U.S. Freedom Walk, Rise Against Hunger and the CISL Conference. CISL Scholars can also expect to attend general meetings in person after school on the third Thursday of each month! 


Q: With exchange trips being canceled in 2020 and not being able to take place last year, will students be able to travel internationally to participate in exchanges this year?

A:  We are planning as if exchanges will move forward and run this year. Mrs. Campagna is hard at work planning exchanges with her colleagues in countries such as France, Italy, and Germany. She is also working on establishing an exchange program with Ecuador. While travel restrictions have eased slightly in the United States, host countries may not be in the same situation.


Q: Do we have any exchange students here at Hylton this year?

A: Yes,  we have a number of students being hosted right here by PWCS families! Here at Hylton, we have Benedetta and Diego from Italy, Falko and Hendrik from Germany, Noa and Vega from Spain, as well as Iskandar from Indonesia, and Valentine from France. 


Q: Will there be CISL Student Committee Elections this fall? 

A: Yes! While we are at full capacity for juniors and seniors, we will be holding elections this fall for three additional sophomore representatives and six new freshmen! 


Mrs. Campagna, the CISL Administration team, and the entire CISL Student Committee look forward to seeing everyone at the first meeting of the year after school on September 23rd in the Auditorium! There will be global updates, an interactive activity, and more important information about upcoming events!