Fear Street Movie Review


I’m not really the type anymore to watch horror films. I say that as I used to watch them all the time at a younger age with my movie enthusiast uncle. Now I do my best to avoid them. However when hanging out with my cousins, you can’t really avoid anything with them.

I was forced to watch the rated R movie trilogy alongside them at a sleepover. We only watched the first film together. I ended up watching the rest on my own. Despite knowing the consequences from my fear of such movies, I saw past all the graphic scenes. In reality it was just a movie with detailed mysteries and numerous turn of events

The movies are split into three parts. Each going back in time to a certain period in time with specific clues to help the main characters on their terrifying mission

The first movie is where the setting of the events takes place. It wasn’t the most interesting out of the other three but it set the plot for everything. I had an initial dislike of Sam at first due to her wanting to leave but in the end I couldn’t really blame her after she became a victim of the fiasco. My favorite character was Kate. She was strong, and brave, and had a kind personality despite her evening job. Her death shook me the most because I thought that she was going to be saved at the last minute, but instead watched her saddening end.

I think that the second move, 1978 was my favorite part in the trilogy. It really dove into the relationships and personalities of the characters and the plot was more exciting to watch. I really enjoyed the plot twist at the end of how they made us think that C. Berman was Cindy instead of Ziggy, who’s actual name is Christine.

The third movie, 1666 is actually split into two parts, the first half being in 1666. This part shows the truth of everything and how everything turned out in the end. I was surprised when Nick Goode was actually the perpetrator in it all. It was a good move on the creators to show how Ziggy felt by the betrayal as he pretended to be a victim as well while befriending her during their camp days.

One thing that I wish they did in the movie was go into more depth and explain the backgrounds of some of the killer characters such as the Grifter and Billy Barker. Only a few a them had detailed backstories on what happened to them.