My Personal Thoughts On This Entire 2020-2021 School Year

My Personal Thoughts On This Entire 2020-2021 School Year


Greetings, my name is Abel Villalobos Sauceda, and I am in the 10th grade (although not for long), and as the title says, I will be sharing my experiences and thoughts on the 2020-2021 school year in C.D. Hylton High School.

The Begining of The School Year

Before the school year was about to start, we students were instructed to download an application called Canvas, instead of Google classroom (which was we used for the previous school year), and I think that was a smart choice since Canvas feels like it was made for a virtual classroom rather than google Classroom because Google Classroom was pretty baren in terms of what teachers and students could do for a full-on virtual classroom.

When I first saw how the virtual school Schuele was going to work, I was fully on board with it, as we students technically had only 4 virtual school classes per week and one asynchronous day where we got to simply work on school work. I also liked the idea of having the classes at a later time in the morning, as it helps students catch up with sleep.

Now as for the classes themselves, it felt a bit odd, but that was to be expected as this was a new experience for most students and teachers. However, there was little interaction between students from my personal experience, which is upsetting as I was looking forward to making new friends this year.

Midway Through The School Year

For me personally, I felt that the mid part of the school year was heavy with school work, and it really took a toll on me mentally, I did not really get many chances to spend a good while to myself relaxing, it was always worksheet after worksheet, and it felt endless.

One thing I did like about this part of the school year, was that school was still canceled when there were snow days, which was very much appreciated by both me and the students.

The Final Part of The School Year

As the school year was winding down, the County decided to let students return to the classrooms and meet up with their fellow peers in person again, while also having some days of doing at-home school online. I personally decided to go half virtual, and half in person, as I felt that I needed to be in more engaging environment.

What Was Half Virtual Half In-Person School Like?

It was fine, although you needed to wake up significantly much earlier as the school week changed its previous Schuele, which meant ALL students, regardless of what you chose for your school environment had to wake up to get to class at 7;30, which really disappointed me.


For me personally, the only exam I had to take, was my AP History exam, as any other type of exam was not mandatory this year. The CollegeBoard (the people who run the AP exams) decided that I would take the exam at home on my laptop. When the time came, it felt more like I was taking a normal test rather than an AP exam, but other than that my experience was fine, although I was pretty slow in completing the exam.

Final Assignments

As the school year was coming to extremely soon to its end, many students such as me, were hurting in finishing their work in order to pass their grades, and it was stressful as many of us had missing work, and needed to make up some of that work, thankfully the teachers allowed us to redo old summative assignments which helped me out a bit. I was able to finish work for most of my classes, so hopefully, I was able to pass all of my classes.

Final Thoughts

Overall, this was a pretty rollercoaster of a school year, but somewhat interesting at the same time, hopefully, all of us can go back to the classrooms in person, without masks, and without the fear of certain virus spreading around.