Netflix’s ‘The Mitchells Vs The Machines’ is a Goofy Film For The Family (No spoilers)


On April 30th, 2021, the popular streaming service Netflix, released a film, directed by Micheal Rianda and Jeff Rowe, called “The Mitchells Vs The Machines”, and it was quite the film.

What is The General Storyline, And The Characters?

The film is about a Young woman named Katie Mitchell, who lives in a very odd and dysfunctional family. She plans on going to film school but instead must go on a mission to save humanity after a robot apocalypse breaks out. She and her family, must work together and try their best to see if they can defeat the source of the robot apocalypse, and save the entire human race. Although they have several problems along the way that may heavily impact their chances of ending the robot apocalypse.

Katie’s family consists of 4 people, there is her father Rick, who is a very old-fashioned man who has a bit of a hard time trying to keep up with Modern Technology. There’s Katie’s mother Linda, who is a very caring and loving mother who wants the best for her family and does not like to deal with verbal conflicts. Then, there is Katie’s brother Aaron, who is a goofy, sweet-hearted kid who has an extreme interest in Dinosaurs. Then Finally, there is Katie herself, Katie is a 17-18-year old girl who has a big passion for movies and film making, she is typically light-hearted and optimistic, and is very smart.

What Were The Reactions Towards The Film?

General reactions towards the film were positive, many people on IMDB gave it a high rating, and it got a 90% score from general audiences on Rotton Tomatoes and a 97% from critics.

                  What Were Some of The Aspects of The Film That Were Positivtley Received?

Many people on various online platforms such as IMBD, Twitter, and Youtube, praised the film for its colorful and creative visuals, and for its emotional and lighthearted writing. Many viewers stated that they related to the family and the dynamics they had between each other, such as the difficult and awkward mental differences between parent and child. Another detail of the film that was appreciated, was the heavily implied aspects of Aaron’s character, which many claimed were aspects of Autism, such as his extreme interest in Dinosaurs. Also, many people noticed the Pride pin on Katie’s sweater, and what she said at the beginning of the film, which was something along the lines of “It took me a while to figure myself out as well”, there is also another LGBT detail that people noticed during the second half of the film, but for spoiler reasons, that will not be disclosed. Also, many people claimed that they absolutely enjoyed the humor in this film, and one Youtube Critic stated that the film was a “laugh out feel good movie”.

                   What Were Some of The Aspects of The Film That Were Negatively Received?

While many people did not really have any issues with the Film, there were a few people who complained that the story structure was unoriginal and that there are many other films that better executed its story structure better, such as Lady Bird, Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, and Zombieland. One person on IMDB stated that the characters felt like stereotypes of various types of family members. Another person on IMDB complained that the humor felt forced, was very corny, and too “#relateble”.


Overall, The Mitchells Vs The Machines is a well-received, funny, charming, goofy, and emotional film that is worth the watch, so make sure to watch this on Netflix with the family, or if it ever comes out to Theaters