Gift for your Seniors


Gift ideas to give your graduating senior. Most seniors will be going to college, but some aren’t. If you have ever been a senior leaving high school, you know that all you wanted was money. Money is a great gift, but you might wish to gift them something more. Here are the top 7 gifts to give your graduate this year.

At number one it is Cash. There are many forms of money you can gift someone, There are gift cards, stocks, saving accounts, etc. These forms of cash can help your seniors start their new journey with some money.

In spot number two is electronics. Electronics can consist of laptops, headphones, tablets, and accessories. A laptop would be great to give your senior going to college or getting a job. Any electronic or accessories would be a great start for gifts.

A monthly subscription like Netflix, Disney +, Apple music, and tidal is a gift that keeps giving. Your graduate will appreciate the opportunity to watch their favorite shows with their friends and listen to their favorite artists.

Help your high school graduate start skipping those Starbucks runs. A coffee/tea maker is a great way to help them break that habit, but be sure to check regulations of heating items allowed in the dorm rooms if they are headed to college.

For your college-bound student, college gear is a perfect way to start stocking up on shirts, hats, and everything else to represent their college for those football and basketball games.

If your student is planning on moving out, house essentials would be another great gift for your graduate, to help start their version of a home.

If the money, electronics, and coffee maker are not personal enough. An engraved necklace or a sentimental photo that involves fun times yall had together can inject more meaning into the gift.