How Bulldogs Spent Their Year in Quarantine


As it has officially been a year since we first started lockdown, it’s interesting to see how everyone has grown and changed as a person. Whether it was participating in trends or finding new hobbies, let’s find out how Hylton students kept themselves occupied during this long period!


New and exciting trends were coming out every week, providing entertainment and keeping us all busy. Some trends that Hylton students participated in were Chloe Ting workouts, whipped coffee, cooking new foods, and various TikTok trends.

Chloe Ting seemed to be the most popular trend, with many students claiming to participate in it, even if it was for a few days. Chloe Ting is a YouTuber known for her workout programs. She gained a lot of popularity during quarantine, with people taking advantage of their free time and finding a way to stay in shape at home. “During quarantine, I found a new free time that allowed me to participate in things I’ve never done before, such as following a realistic workout schedule and time for myself,” said Hylton senior Makayla Jerez.

New Hobbies

Along with participating in trends, many students were able to gain new skills and hobbies that they didn’t necessarily have time to try out before. “I started playing guitar a bit,” said senior Nare Frankyan, “ I bought my own electric guitar and amp, and I started to learn how to play it. Now I’m starting to learn how to play chords.” While it does take a lot of practice to master a new instrument, Frankyan is still continuing to learn how to play.

Senior Randa Ampah has found an interest in doing puzzles over quarantine. “I used to think puzzles were super boring, but then I was bored during quarantine, so I bought one. Now I think they’re super fun”.  Arts and crafts seem to be an easy and popular hobby to try out, as senior Jemma Alumbaugh has taken to making friendship bracelets.

While some people found new hobbies, others took this time to brush up on the hobbies they previously had. “I’ve gotten better at drawing,” said senior Victoria Miranda, “specifically with charcoal.” Senior Jacqueline Mitchell also used quarantine to her advantage, taking time to work on her baking skills, editing, writing, bullet journaling, and workouts.


Students also used this time to relax and catch up on all the entertainment that they didn’t have the time to do before. New shows like Outer Banks, Never Have I Ever, Love Is Blind, The Baby-Sitter’s Club, and Grand Army came out, leaving a lot of people obsessed. Others took time to rewatch shows and movies, such as Avatar: The Last Airbender and Marvel movies. 

While Tiktok was popular before quarantine, it became even more popular during quarantine, with several celebrities joining the app and participating in trends. Some games that were popular were Animal Crossing: New Horizons and fun internet games like

It’s safe to say that the quarantine didn’t stop our bulldogs from experiencing new things and growing more as individuals!