Spring Break Ideas


Read a book

Pick a genre that you may like and try to find a novel you could enjoy. If you don’t like picking up a book, you could try an e-book or audiobook to listen to.

Go bike riding

With the weather getting warmer, you can take a bike around a local park or trail. Maybe even go for a walk or jog.

Finish a show

School may have kept you busy from watching your favorite show. Now you can catch up on those episodes or start an entire series to binge-watch.

Have a picnic

Grab a basket of snacks and drinks and enjoy eating outdoors. It could even be in your backyard!

Start a garden

You can start small by growing a flower in a pot, or if you’re experienced, grow some fruits or vegetables outside.

Try a new recipe

Put your cooking skills to the test and try something new. You can search up ideas on Pinterest and create a bake-off with family or friends.


get crafty with some supplies. match some puzzles together or create some DIYs.

Catch up on assignments

Maybe your teachers have given you new assignments to complete. You can put them aside until the break ends. Or, you can start working on them early to ease your workload when you get back to school.