Covid-19 vaccine

Covid-19 has been controlling our lives for the past year, but on December 14 202 Health care workers across the country became the first Americans to get vaccinated. The Covid-19 vaccine was not very popular when it was first released, everyone was questioning if the vaccine was safe when it first came out. There have now been 93.7 million people that have been vaccinated now that more people are trusting the vaccine, 32.1 million of that are fully vaccinated. The number of people getting vaccinated is increasing by the day.

The Covid vaccine does have some side effects once you get the shot, your arm might be in pain and have swelling and redness. But for the rest of your body, you might have a fever or chills you also will get tired and have headaches. However, those side effects can affect your ability to do your daily activities but should go away in a few days. You can help reduce your pain and discomfort on your arm by applying a clean and cold washcloth over the area, and exercise or use your arm, and for your fevers drink plenty of water and dress lightly. For you to get the most protection from the virus you must get both Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine and Moderna Covid-19 vaccine, or one of the Johnson & Johnson’s Jansen Covid-19 vaccine. After you are fully vaccinated you may start doing activities you were doing before Covid-19.

There are three different vaccines at this moment, there are cold Pfizer -BioNTech,
Moderna, and Johnson&Johnson/Janssen. The most common one is the Pfizer-BioNTech, which is an mRNA type vaccine there are a total of two shots and is given in the upper arm muscle. According to Pfizer-BioNTech, the vaccine is 95% effective. The next vaccine is the Moderna it is an mRNA type vaccine it is given in two shots within 28 days apart in the upper arm muscle and is 94.1% effective. The last and least common is the Johnson & Johnson’s/ Jansen, this is a viral vector vaccine and is given in one shot in the upper arm muscle, it is 66.3% effective in clinical trials.

Should I get the vaccine if I have Health Conditions? Studies show that some health conditions can make it harder to fight vaccines like the flu. People with weakened immune systems may get the vaccine, However, they should be aware of the limited safety data. People with autoimmune conditions, Guillain – Barre syndrome may get the vaccine, however, there is no data of any participants in the mRNA Covid – 19 vaccine clinical trials. For more information, you should check with your doctor

The Coronavirus vaccine statistics show that 320 million people have gotten vaccinated in the world. 93.7 million from the 320 million are from the U.S, and 32.1 are fully vaccinated. In Virginia, there have been only 2.62 million doses given and 950k fully vaccinated. Since the vaccine has come out the covid causes have dropped 21% Nationwide. It is safe to say that the vaccine has made somewhat of an impact on the world. For information go to