My Experience in Going Back to In-Person School


On March 2nd, 2021, after a year of being locked up in our homes due to the coronavirus pandemic, students would be finally returning to their old, physical classrooms, and I, Abel Villalobos Sauceda, am here to talk about what the experience was like.

Waking Up And Getting Ready

When my first day of in-person school arrived, I had to wake up extremely early at 5:25 AM, due to my bus stop being 20 minutes away from Hylton. When I entered my bus, there were x’s on all of the seats, some were green, and some were red. I am not exactly sure why they are there, although I assume it was some kind of way of keeping students socially distant from each other.

Getting to Class

When I got off the bus, I walked through the side entrance, as I used to before COVID-19 hit Virginia, and I immediately noticed upon entering, that the hallways were now split into a 2-way system, this was likely another way of keeping students socially distant from each other. Also, another thing I quickly noticed, was that the stairways went one way only. This was likely another attempt to keep students socially distant.

What Class Itself Was Like

When I went into my first class, I sat down and was asked to pull out my school laptop and turn on our normal zoom class, just as if we were at home doing online school. Most of the work that we did in class, was done on our laptops so that we did not need to pass around papers and other objects that have the possibility of containing the coronavirus. After a short while, a student asked the teacher if he could leave the classroom, to which he said yes, however, in order for him to leave the classroom, he would need to scan a QR code that is placed next to the door. This is a new exit system that the school placed, as a sort of exit ticket for students to leave during class. When the first class ended, the bell rang, and I exited the classroom.

What Lunch Was Like

After my first two classes, it was time for lunch. There were four lunch periods, and each person had one at a specific time depending on what kind of 4th or 5th-period class you have. Since I had Journalism that day, I got A lunch, the earliest lunch period, and it was alright. The food tasted the same as it did before Covid-19, and everyone sat at their own little desk which were all 6 feet apart from the other desks. When lunch was about to end, an administrator told all of the students to clean up their desks, and any messes they made, and after doing so, the bell rang, and everyone went to their classrooms.

The End of The School Day

Once all of my all classes ended, my classmates and I waited for the bell, and once it did, we exited the building, and returned home the same way as we did before COVID-19.

Final Thoughts

I would say, that in general, in-real life school is more fun and engaging than online school, since you actually get to interact with your classmates and teachers much more since you can talk and see them. Also I would like to give a big thank you to the administrators over at C.D. Hylton High School and anyone else involved, who did a well job on providing and offering a COVID friendly school environment.