Celebrating Black History Month With Hylton’s BSU


Photo curtesy of EvInfinite/Shutterstock.com

Celebrating Black History Month with C.D. Hylton High School’s Black Student Union.


Black History Month is celebrated throughout all of February in the United States every year. It allows us to remember the influential figures and events in Black history and acknowledge the impact they have left on us. Let’s see how Hylton’s Black Student Union is using its platform to celebrate this holiday.

Hylton’s Black Student Union has recently created an Instagram page (@cdhyltonbsu) where members are able to spread information about different topics and how they influence the Black community.

Hylton senior and president/co-founder of BSU Chloe Pressley, created this page in hopes to captivate their audience in an interesting way. “Our goal is to involve the community by reaching out to not only our members but our families, friends, businesses to truly honor the Black excellence that is currently happening along with the significant contributions from decades prior.”

 Every day there is a new theme, where members are encouraged to talk about how the theme has left an impact on Black culture. Some of the past few themes have been: Historically black colleges and universities, Black films/movies, food in black culture, black history in R&B music, etc. “Themes seem to engage our followers and allow members to contribute much easier when it’s a topic rather than a vague “history” request.” This page allows members to express their feelings towards each topic, while also remembering the importance of Black history and how it has molded our country.

Many members have put up either a video or written statements sharing their experiences within these themes. Along with sharing their opinions and experiences, Hylton’s BSU is also using their Instagram account to spread information on influential people in the Black community. So far, there are already facts about important black artists and football players and how their accomplishments are influential to the community. They have also been able to promote black businesses in the area, some of them being owned by high school students!

While Hylton’s BSU just created its Instagram page recently, it seems to be gaining some success. With their rising followers and active members contributing to their page, Hylton’s Black Student Union is doing a great job by using its platform and reminding everyone what Black History Month is all about. “Although it may be the shortest month, it is the most meaningful to our culture. And we will make it count.”