The Story of The Woman Who Put Gorilla Glue On Her Hair

The Story of The Woman Who Put Gorilla Glue On Her Hair

What, Where, And When Did This Happen?

On Febuary4th, 2021, a 40-year-old woman named Tessica Brown, went on the popular social platform, TikTok, to talk about a problem she had, regarding her hair. She states that she used Gorilla glue on her hair to keep it smooth and straight, however, that ended up causing an even larger problem, and that was her hair being completely stuck to her head.

How And Why Did This Happen?

In her TikTok video in which she firsts mentions this situation, she explains that she wanted to keep her hair smooth and straight, but she did not have any more Got2b hair spray (which is a product similar to hair gel), so she decided to use Gorilla glue as an alternative. However, it turns out that Gorilla glue, after 24 hours, dries up permanently. Which as a result, lead to Tessicas hair being stuck in place for about one month.

Has She Managed To Solve The Problem?

A few days after she made her first TikTok video, she went to the ER to try and get rid of the glue, however, According to, they were not able to do anything. While the ER was not able to remove the glue off of her hair, she was able to have a procedure that could supposedly remove the glue off of her hair, from a Californian plastic surgeon named Mr. Michael Obeng. Tessica agreed to do the procedure and flew from her home state of Louisiana to California. There, she underwent surgery for a grueling 4 hours, and Mr. Obeng was able to effectively remove all of the gorilla glue off of Tessica’s hair, while not damaging any of it (all according to

How Did He Do It?

According to Mr. Obeng himself, he was able to remove all of the gorilla glue off of Tessica’s hair, by using basic chemistry, as he puts it. According to, he used a combination of several substances to break down the polyurethane (the main substance of Gorilla glue), those substances being medical-grade adhesive remover, aloe vera, olive oil, and a dash of acetone. He also made sure to test these substances on a dummies scalp, before using them on Tessica’s hair, and they performed quite well, as stated previously.

What Does Tessica Plan On Doing Now?

According to, Tessica has big plans for the upcoming weekend of February 13-14th, presumably for Valentine’s Day, although this has not been confirmed yet. She also says, that she cannot wait to grow back her hair, to its original long length, since she did cut off her ponytail in order to see if that could help out in removing the Gorilla glue. Also, she may be wearing wigs for a short period of time, since did state the following, “Tessica had told us she was prepared to wear wigs for the rest of her life — but after this procedure, she won’t need them for too long.”. As of January 12th, 2021, this is all of what has happened regarding Tessicas Gorilla glue accident.