Senior Class Chaos Week


This week, the senior class has been participating in a new activity called “Chaos Week.” Chaos Week is a week-long exciting event where students work with their teammates to complete tasks and win points which can become somewhat “chaotic”. 

There are three teams: blue team, yellow team, and white team. Participants are given daily questions to answer and challenges to complete in order to win points. The winners at the end of the week win a prize. While participants have the whole day to answer the daily questions and send their spirit week photos, the challenges are randomly sent between 4:00 pm – 8:00 pm. 

The winners are either decided based on speed or creativity, depending on the challenge. If it’s based on speed, participants have to rush to be the first person to complete the challenge. If it’s based on creativity, participants are given some time to do the challenge, and the winner is appointed after everyone has been judged. Sometimes the teams have to work together to complete a challenge. 

Of course, with any game comes competitiveness and rivalry. When it comes to points, the teams are often neck and neck, making the competition even more thrilling. Senior Kelly Au expresses her excitement towards the competition. “Chaos week is extremely fun! We were able to start unnecessary beef with the other teams (although I think white team had connections and were cheating). It was cool how we were able to work with people we never even talked to before. Personally, I think the blue team had the best teamwork and deserves to win”

The event is being hosted by Hylton senior and senior class representative Jenascia Armstrong. Armstrong got this idea from doing something similar with her friends a few months ago and decided to take inspiration from that to create this game. Her intention with this event was to allow the senior class to meet new people and have fun, which definitely seems to be working.  “It’s going even better than I had expected everyone loves it and is way more excited about it than I imagined they’d be,” says Armstrong. 

The seniors have been hosting plenty of game nights, but it seems that this one has caught the attention of many students. Senior class president Jacqueline Mitchell expresses her enthusiasm for this exciting event. “It’s one of the best senior events we’ve had. It’s so cool how in this virtual setting we were all able to come together for a really fun event. People are becoming super competitive and creative, I would 10/10 recommend.”

For the seniors who weren’t able to participate this time, you may be in luck. The senior class is hoping to host this event again later on this year. As mentioned earlier, Armstrong, while pleasantly surprised by the outcome of this event, is delighted by the turnout. “I’ve enjoyed being the game maker this week and hopefully, I’ll get to do it again.”