A volunteer opportunity for students



Due to the current situation with the pandemic, there have been little to no opportunities for volunteering. Schools usually require volunteer hours in order to graduate. Some have created virtual voluntary work in order to give students a chance to do some self-rewarding work while earning hours. One great volunteer opportunity is called Conversations to Remember. “To put a smile on the faces of those experiencing cognitive decline, creating a bridge between seniors and youth” is their mission. This is a nonprofit organization where high school and college students can connect with residents with dementia living in retirement communities from the comfort of your home.


This commitment is 100% virtual. After signing up, you will go through a short, virtual training session. From there you will be paired with 1-2 other students and matched with a resident. Each week you spend one-hour having conversations with the resident. The topics you talk about can vary each time. You can go from talking about everyday life to events that happened in the world.


Quynh Tran, a junior at Hylton, has been a participant since November. She joined the program in order to improve her social skills for her future career. She enjoys spending time each week with the resident she talks to alongside two other highschool students. “The visits are very pleasant and have helped me a lot, especially when listening to their career stories,” she says. The program has helped her connect with someone new and make new friends while improving her skills.


If you are interested in joining, you can submit a volunteer interest form at https://conversationstoremember.org. This volunteer opportunity gives students a chance to earn hours while making new friends and brightening someone’s day.