Netflix Presents the Chinese animated film Over The Moon

This beautifully animated film has so much to do about Chinese culture!

With the events of 2020, a lot of movies that we were excited to watch had their dates pushed back to the next one or two years. However, there were a few movies that did not get pushed back so far that they were able to be seen during the last couple of months of this suspenseful year. One of the movies would be the new Chinese animated film added to Netflix called Over The Moon!


Over The Moon is a heartful, feel-good movie directed by Glen Keane. Keane is an animator, author, and illustrator, known for his helping out in The Little Mermaid, Tangled, Aladdin, and so much more of the classic favorites. In fact, he was a character animator at Walt Disney when he used to work there. After he left, he went on to direct more movies including Dear Basketball, which won an Academy Award for Best Short Animation starring the late Kobe Bryant, and Duet. Over The Moon is the first-ever international Keane has directed and the second film Pearl Studio has made. Right after Abominable in 2019. The music was composed by Steven Price, a famous British Music composer who helped in Fury, The Aeronauts, Roma, and Gravity, along with Helen Park and Christopher Curtis.


Over The Moon is about a little girl named Fei Fei who is fueled by the memories of her mother who passed away, build a rocket to prove that the goddess, Chang’e, is real. Chang’e is a goddess who takes two pills, causing her to become a goddess and ascend to the moon, leaving her lover Houyi. She wants to bring proof that Chang’i is real so she could show her father and can prevent him from moving on to another woman to get married and having to deal with an annoying little brother, Chin, for the rest of her life. This leads to her actually meeting Chang’i, but there is much more than Fei Fei expected.

The movie stars very famous actors and actresses like Ken Jeong (Crazy Rich Asians and Community), Philipa Soo (Hamilton and The Broken Hearts Gallery), Sandra Oh (Killing Eve and Grey’s Anatomy), Kimiko Glenn (Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse and Orange is The Black), John Cho (Harold & Kumar Trilogy and The Grudge), and Cathy Ang.  This PG musical film can be watched with the whole family on Netflix with a nice score of 81% on Rotten Tomatoes. Over The Moon is a heartfelt movie that has to do deal with loss and letting go of the people that we lose over time. Coincidentally, coming out at the perfect time based on what everyone is going through.