Taking her Driver’s License to the Top of the Charts


On January 8, 2021, Olivia Rodrigo released her single Drivers License, which has quickly gained popularity on all social media platforms. Rodrigo is known for her role as Nina Salazar-Roberts on the Disney original show, High School Musical: The Musical: The Series, where she produced another well-known song called All I Want which was trending in January 2020.

Rodrigo is known for posting clips of her original songs on Instagram, but they’re not always turned into full songs. Rodrigo first posted a snippet of the song on July 23, 2020, on Instagram, and when fans expressed their love for the song, she decided to turn it into a full-length song. 

It was instantly a hit, with many fans stating that they could relate and feel all the emotions expressed in the song. Some fans even claimed they felt like they had been left heartbroken after hearing the song, regardless of never being heartbroken in the first place. While the song is admittedly heartbreaking, it has a catchy tune to it which leaves you wanting more. The Music video is also aesthetically pleasing and resonates well with the lyrics. You’re able to see the emotion that is expressed in the song on Rodrigo’s face, as she bears her heart out. 

It quickly reached #1 on the US iTunes Chart, and the music video currently has around 22 million views on Youtube. Many celebrities have taken to expressing their support for the song. For instance, Taylor Swift, Rodrigo’s idol and inspiration left a comment on Rodrigo’s Instagram about her new hit single saying, “I say that’s my baby and I’m really proud.” Singer Conan Gray also left many supportive messages for Rodrigo throughout her Instagram. 

While the song has caused fans to play it on repeat, the reasoning behind the song is just as intriguing. Fans were able to put the pieces together and figure out who left Rodrigo so brokenhearted and why, causing a lot of memes and TikToks to be created about the situation. A lot of fans have even made their own parodies of the song, using different points of view from each individual that’s involved in this whole drama, such as the boy (Joshua Basset, her coworker) who left her heartbroken and the other girl (Sabrina Carpenter) involved. 

At just 17, Olivia Rodrigo has proved to be a force to reckon with and we are all excited to see what lies ahead in her future career as both an actor and musician.