Private Movie Theater?

Private Movie Theater?

Just because COVID-19 still around does not mean you can’t see the new releases in the movie theater. Like Wonder Woman 84, The Croods 2, and many more. Well, AMC and Alamo draft house both have private showings where you can rent out a movie theater, from low as $99 to $159. If you are looking for fun things to do with your friends or family, renting out a movie theater would be one. You have up to 10 guests you can bring and split the cost with.

2020 had been a rough year for the movie industry with all the theaters closed for months, leaving multiple people without jobs and many movie theaters closing for good. Ever since some movie theaters opened back people have been more cautious to go to the movies. But the movie theater has come up with a solution to get more people to come to the movie theater and make it the safest way to watch a movie with a drive-in-theater and renting out a cinema.  Even though you could have rented a movie theater before quarantine, it is now cheaper than ever; the theaters have made it more affordable for people.

AMC is the cheapest option if you are on a budget, choosing from fan favorites films for $99+tax or new releases from $149+tax., prices may vary by movie or location. They are not offering same-day rentals, so hurry and get your theater because the slot goes by fast. The best time to rent a movie theater is Monday – Thursday that’s when all the time is available. When you arrive the auditorium will be thoroughly cleaned and ready for you and your guest in 15 minutes. Their safety precaution for the rental is normally limited to 20 guests, but because the governor’s orders limited it to 10 guests, so there will be plenty of room for social distancing. It also requires you to wear your mask unless you are enjoying your food or drink.

The Alamo draft house had little of a different policy than the AMC. It is $150 to get the theater to yourself, but you and your friends or family buy your ticket and food. This is a more expensive option but you get to choose from dozens of big screens and “ everything you love about the Alamo experience, but in a private theater to yourself”. You can also choose the movie you want to see from classics and new releases. In the draft houses fine print it says you also have to buy a minimum of $150 worth of food and drinks, Reservations can be canceled and refund up to 5 days in advance. 

AMC and Alamo draft both have great rates but if you want to save money, the AMC is your best, it might be more pricey but if you want great food and drinks Alamo is where you want to go.  Now that the Cinemas prices for renting a movie theater are cheaper than usual. Go and invite 10 of your close friends and or family to wear your pajamas to watch a movie. If you want to have fun with your friends and family during these rough times renting out a Movie theater with them is one of your safest options while still staying safe. So rent a theater today before all the times are gone. Have fun this 2021.