Prince William County 12 Talks

“One United Leadership Speaking Series” hosting Olympic gold medalists, Broadway stars, and other influential leaders!


Eric Ulloa speaking to PWCS 12 Talks representatives!

Chloe Pressley, the Hylton representative for 12 Talks, says Ms. Beckman, Colgan leadership class and 12 Talks sponsor, “felt like the world was being taken away from students once COVID hit”, and that interviewing accomplished leaders brought the world to the students. 

Ms. Beckman has successfully guided the high school students to host numerous well-known leaders, though the initiative is mostly student-led. Student representatives from the thirteen Prince William County high schools, host a wide variety of guest speakers!

Prince William County 12 Talks series has hosted:

  • Jon Gordon – Inspirational author and speaker with 8 bestsellers and has been hosted on stations like CNN and the Today Show.
  • Jesse Collins -Emmy nominated Executive Director and Jesse Collins Entertainment founder.
  • Athena’s Voice -A speaking agency owned by all women female fighter pilot veterans.
  • Benita Fitzgerald Mosley -A local leader with academic excellence and a gold Olympic medal!
  • Eric Ullua -A Broadway actor with published and featured plays. His live stream can be watched here. 

The recorded interviews are available on the 12 Talks website, as well as YouTube live streams.

As for the upcoming speakers, Champlain Black will be speaking to PWCS 12 Talks on Wednesday, January 13 at 7 PM EST. Chloe gave our staff writer a sneak-peak of what Champlain Black will be speaking about, “Champlain Black was actually working at the Capitol [on January 6] the day we experienced domestic terrorism. He will be speaking to [the 12 Talks representatives] about his experience.” Also on the schedule Sean Dowling and Stacy Cassimiro! 

Chloe Pressley’s favorite person to meet being the Hylton 12 Talks representative was “Eric Ulloa because of how candid he was with his responses to some really difficult conversations we had.” Ulloa told Hylton representative Chloe, “Art is Activism”, and that made her “realize the enormous privilege [she has] as a writer and activist combined.” She adds, “he felt real and he felt like a person— more than a celebrity.”

12 Talks has hosted Olympic gold medalists and Broadway stars, certainly representatives dream and are working towards other big fish! Chloe’s top choices for dream people to host are Viola Davis, the first African American actor to receive the Triple Crown of Acting – Academy, Emmy, and Tony awards. Cory Booker, United States Senate; Stacy Abrams, admirable politician; and Barack Obama. Similarly, Shady Habib, the sophomore class president at Osborn Park and one of the 12 Talks representatives, also dreams to host Barack Obama in addition to U.S. representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Though the virtual way of life can have its ups and downs, hosting famous and influential people on a Zoom call to interact with Prince William County students would have never come about without the immersion into a virtual world. 12 Talks is “one united leadership speaking series” that has connected the leaders of our community, 12 Prince William County high schools, and leaders of the world!