Pixar’s Latest Film “Soul” is One That Will Touch Your Heart


Disclaimer, you will be warned at certain points of this article for spoilers.

What is Soul About?

Pixar’s latest feature-length film, Soul, is a film that will reach out to the hearts of many, as handles many subjects regarding life. Such as how we humans typically tend to look over the small aspects of our life, such as talking with people, eating food, having a good time with loved ones, riding a bike, and watching fireworks. Also, the film handles the topic of “what’s our purpose in life?”, and it handles that subject in a vague, yet positive way. It tells its viewers that their purpose in life isn’t necessarily about one thing, its about how they handle their lives, and what choices they make, and what they want to do with them.  The film also tells its viewers that they can find happiness in other ways, even if it isn’t an option that they were considering originally. Because of these aspects of the film, Soul is much more aimed at adults and teens, rather than children, however, this does not mean that children can not enjoy this film, as children have enjoyed other Pixar films that were aimed more at adults such as The Incredibles and Ratatouille.


What is The Synopsis of The Film?

The plot of Soul is centered around a band teacher named Joe Gardner, a man who desires to be a full-time musician, but keeps failing, one day, however, he accidentally gets himself into a problem that could permanently ruin his chances of fulfilling his dreams, and he attempts to get out of it by the help of someone who goes by the name of “22”.

What Are Some Problems of The Film?

In general, Soul does not have many flaws, its story is mostly coherent and easy to follow, the pacing is well done, it is not too fast or too slow, and the visuals look outstanding and somewhat realistic. The only criticisms that the film seems to get, is that the character of 22 is somewhat grating and that certain aspects of the plot could have been avoided.

(warning, the following paragraph will contain spoilers for the film)

Also, popular YouTube film critic YourMovieSucksDOTorg complained that Joe could have simply asked the sign spinning man to help him get back to his body when Joe gave away the Earth pass back to 22 and was going to expectedly pass away since the film had already shown that a soul does not actually need an Earth pass to return to their body. It could be argued that the Jerry’s and Terry’s would simply have prevented Joe from doing this, but it should be noted that the Jerry’s and Terry’s were already planning on giving Joe a second chance at life anyway, so they could have simply let Joe go with the sign spinning man, rather than opening up a portal for him, which somewhat lessens the impact of Joe’s sacrifice towards giving away the earth pass back to 22.