What are you Doing for Christmas

It’s that time of the year again! The time where you set up the Christmas tree and get so drunk on eggnog and end up texting an ex. What a wonderful time of the year. Sadly, this Christmas will be a not-so-special Christmas because of Covid. How different will it be for all of us inside our house? Will Santa wear a mask when he comes down the chimney? Am I going to get my PS5 for Christmas? Will she finally text back? Sorry, getting distracted.

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So what is everyone doing for Christmas this year? It seems like we can not do as much stuff as we all used to. A person who wanted to remain anonymous, who will be called Person #1 said, “Definitely going to make food, but I do not think we are going to go out” Another person named Aubrie Swanger from Ilinois, said, “Probably just going to be my Dad, my Stepmom, and my siblings. Like, we are not going to get together with the whole family.” It seems like most people had the same idea when it comes down to it. No family dropping in or out. Clark Griswold would have loved that. 


When asked what are some new things to do this Christmas, some were related. When asked to a person who decided to stay anonymous, who will be called Person #2, they had said, “I do not think anything is going to be really crazy this year. Normally, we would just do stuff as a family, chill in the house, open presents, eat, and enjoy the presents. Last year, we went out to see the Christmas lights walkthrough. So now, I do not think we are going to do anything” Some people are going to use their new free time to try new things. Genesis Linares, a senior at Hylton High School, said, “So far I have not tried anything new, but something I do plan on doing pretty soon is making digital art. I’m used to making art on paper or on canvas, never have I tried making it through Procreate on an iPad.” Some were not doing anything at all. Sounds like a peaceful Christmas. When interviewing Aubrie, she said, “It is going to be like Thanksgiving. It is going to be very boring I feel like.” Alex, a student at Hylton High School, had said, “Exploring new hobbies, I already started art and working out. I am thinking about probably learning how to edit better maybe, or start building some things when I get the money.” A lot of people are taking advantage of trying new things or just using their free time to relax.


In the end, I ask how different will Christmas be this year. While in an interview with Person #2, they had said, “A little bit, yeah. I do not know what will be really different about it. Now we can not go outside.” Genesis had to say, “I do believe that this year’s Christmas will be different. I am used to celebrating Christmas on the 24th because that is Hispanic Christmas, and just partying with my family till the 25th for “normal” Christmas. I am going to miss out on celebrating with my family, and just having a great time.” When asked to Person #1, they had said, “Definitely yes. I mean, I am not going to be with my extended family. It is just going to be my immediate family, which is different.  There will not be that many presents either so.” 


It seems like this Christmas will be a very quiet one. Not as much food is going to be made, which takes the stress off the parents. Try new things this holiday season! Go rent that movie you have been wanting to see. In fact, Wonder Woman 1984 will come out on Christmas Day! Besides that, there is a lot of movies coming out this month alone. So cozy up with one another with hot cocoa and chestnuts roasting by the fire. Winter is coming! Wish you a very safe Covid Christmas!