Governor Northam COVID-19 Updated Restrictions


Photo Courtesy of NBC29


Virginia Governor Northam announced updated restrictions for COVID-19 in Virginia at his 2 PM briefing today December 10, 2020. The briefing began with facts about the record high COVID-19 in our state:

  • Test positive rate is up 11%
  • 54 new deaths today (12/10/2020)
  • 4,000 new cases on average per day

Gov. Ralph Northam announced a “modified stay-at-home order” which entail:

  • 12 am – 5 am curfew
    Exceptions will be made for people who are traveling for work or seeking medical attention and certain food items.
  • Expanded mask mandate
    Masks required indoors and outdoors when social distancing is not possible.
  • Limit gatherings to 10 people
    The limit was previously 25. This new order does not apply to houses of worship, work settings, or school, or restaurants and stored already at capacity limits.
  • Recreational activities
    Spectators of recreational activities will be limited to 25 people per field indoors, and 2 guests per player outdoors
  • Holidays
    The governor encouraged mask wearing and outside or online settings rather than in person.
  • Vaccine
    Governor Northam mentioned the US Food and Drug Administration would be meeting to take action on the Pfizer vaccine. The governor called this “the light of a very long, dark tunnel”, and he said Virginians could have access to the vaccine as soon as 24-48hrs from the news conference.

The new measures will take effect 12:01 AM on Monday and last through January 31, depending on the situation.

See the full press conference below: