BTS continuing as a seven group band

Fans of BTS rejoice as the well known k-pop group continues to make music

BTS continuing as a seven group band

BTS, also known as Bangtan Boys, is a popular South Korean pop group composed of seven members. They made their debut in 2013 and have since then, been rising in popularity and breaking many records

The Military Service Act in South Korea requires able-bodied men ages 18-28 to serve for a period of usually 18-21 months. The revision allows for pop artists who have a positive influence on the country’s culture globally to have an extension of two years if qualified. The exemptions used to only qualify for athletes and performers such as actors and musicians until K-pop idols became more influential over the media past few years

The oldest member of the BTS band Kim Seokjin, who goes by the stage name Jin, turned recently turned 28 last week. This would have meant that he would have to put his career on hold in order to enlist in the military. However, due to the revision, he can continue his career for another 2 years. The same exemption will apply to the other members of the group.

They released a new single Dynamite. Went No.1 on the US billboard hot 100 charts. They recently became to first K-pop group to be nominated for a Grammy Award. Fans of the group known as The Army congratulate to group on the success of their nomination and continuation of the band.