Holiday Playlist

You can’t have the holidays without music. But where’s the best place to listen to your holiday music, well the most popular streaming apps would be SiriusXM, Apple Music, Spotify, and more. Each Streaming site has multiple Genres of Holiday music from your Classic holiday music to your Country holiday music.

Apple Music –
This streaming service is 9.99 a month, but if you have it they have many genres of holiday music, some of their genres consist of.

Carols Covered
This playlist consists of your familiar Holiday songs with a distinctive twist, with 2020 artist that stdout with James Blake’s moody, In the Bleak Midwinter, and Ozuna’s take on, Feliz Navidad ( Celebrating its 50th anniversary this year ) to Arlo Parks’ versions of Wham!’s, Last Christmas, and Fivio Foreign’s spirited play on, twelve Days of Christmas.

Essential Christmas
This playlist honors the history of Christmas music, collecting old chestnuts, new classics, and future sing-along staples to soundtrack your next Christmas. Trim the tree, open the presents, and serve up some eggnog as pop stars, hip-hop legends, rockers, and soul singers raise their voices.

Modern Country Christmas
Country music and Christmas have been connected for decades, but every generation deserves its stab at tradition. These 21st-century country stars put a refreshing kick into old-school tunes—and offer a few new ones for the season as well.

Holiday Hits
Festive, giving, fun, but a little reflective, too—a pause before the New Year to take stock of the one that just passed. Focusing on newer interpretations of the classics and more recent entries into the canon, here’s a playlist of holiday pop hits to keep you in the spirit.

SiriusXM –
SiriusXM is also a great way to stream your holiday favorites but you also have half to have a subscription to listen as well all though it is cheaper than apple music, with only having to pay 5 dollars a month. SiriusXM is only on radio and not like your other streaming apps where you can just skip over your songs but you can listen to their Holiday playlist on your mobile devices.

Spotify –
Spotify offers free streaming services but you can also upgrade to their premium package with no ads and free skips, they offer a wide range of Holiday playlist. Their Happy holiday section has from k-pop, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa music to even lonely Christmas and Easy Christmas and more playlists.

Hip-Hop Christmas
This playlist consists of artists like Gucci Mane doing a cover on “12 Days of Christmas”, Run- D.M.C, Big Shaq, and more like them. The Playlist is the Hip-Hop take on Christmas music with remastered classics and your new versions of Christmas music.

Disney Christmas
Get your holiday cheer from your Disney favorites, all of your Disney Classics, sing-alongs, and favorites in one playlist to jam out to with you and your family during the holiday season.

Happy Holiday
This playlist would have you spreading cheer like no other. This playlist is a great way to wake your family and friends up on the Holiday break. The Happy Holiday playlist includes all of the seasonal Holiday favorites from your old to your new, Like “winter wonderland” by

This playlist is celebrating the preservation of black culture with tracks representing the 7 principles of Kwanzaa.

The Hanukkah playlist is 2hr and 49m full of your Classics and funny favorites, like “Chanukah song” by Adam Sandler, or “Oh Hanukkah” by Jack Black, etc.

With all of these streaming apps and different genres of Holiday music, your Holiday break should be eventful full of joyful music, and more.